Request suggestions for natural cure of Diabetes for a 25 year old male - i want to prevent taking medicines life long and affect my health

Dear friends, i am 25 year old guy from chennai and i was recently diagnosed as diabetic in jan 2016. my sugar level after food was 290 in january. i am taking "glizid-M" and "starvog 2.0" now and along with strict diet i have brought my sugar to 175.

But i don't want to use these western medicines for life long. i am young and it hurts to take tablets at this young age.

I want to know whether there are any other remedies to naturally get rid of diabetes through ayurvedic powders or anything like that. recently i heard about Giloy/Guduchi/seendhil kodi leaf powder having good effect on diabetes. i want to know expert opinion from people here.

Kindly help me! thanks in advance


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  • Stick to ayurvedic medicine like IME9 or BGR34 and keep walking for one hour as well as cut down or taper your allopethic medicine take one cap of apple cider vinegar on empty stomach in the morning 10-15 min. before breakfast. God will help you.

  • Make visiting Gym and/or Yoga classes a life time habit. Eat to live and do not live to eat. You will live long and healthy.

  • saiviki91

    My dear. First get the basic investigations done. Know your IR and bcf.

    Diet management is the first and worthy * medicine *. I'd want you to rely less on medicines.

    Gud luck.

  • Dear sir, i am new to Health Unlocked blog. i don't understand what is IR and bcf. can you please use the full form of IR and bcf?

  • consult @anup and be sure you will land non diabetic numbers soon without medicines... and continue same for life long....

  • thanks for your reply sir. May i know who is @anup sir? i am new here and i have not seen many user profiles.

    can you please give me a link to his profile?

  • haha :) hello sir! nice to meet you ! kindly help me sir!

  • Go through my posts here. Can reach them from my profile.

  • yes sure

  • saiviki91

    You are very young

    You will respond well and quickly to proper diet

    You can be off medicines.

    But have to follow a healthy lifestyle lifelong.

    Anup will guide u

    Don't worry.

    You will succeed

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