It is said that the bitter gourd ( Karela), is a good intake to bring down the blood sugar of the diabetic persons.The full bitter gourd or

the peels of this should be taken,can the juice of this be kept in the fridge and about a half cup of this be taken empty stomach? I mean the juice should be fresh every day or it can be put in the fridge and then to be taken daily.

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  • is it available in chennai

  • Dear mr. Viswanahta iyer, I am now in US and will telephone you when i reach BLR

    i live in Bangalore. k.rangaswamy

  • Keeping the Karela juice in the fridge lowers its potency,it turns bitter to taste,possibly lessens its nutritional value.Best drunk on empty stomach,100 gms crushed and squeezed to get juice.Tried it with BSF.400 15 days it came down to 160 without tablets,with no restrictions on diet,but sugar was (BSF) tested daily.....because in one case the patient was allergic to any type of tablets SAME effect was found in one case with Fenugreek seeds...1 teaspoon soaked in water over night and drinking water and eating the seeds on empty stomach,without medication,restricting sweets,Tea,Coffee.Again BSF was checked every day for 15 days.Then continuing the same ,patient remained a potential diabetic for 3 years.

    These are my observations,just for reference

  • Thanks for the info on Karela juice. But your reference to feneugreek seeds above is not clear........was it useful to control sugar level in this case?

  • Yes,Second patient did not like to drink Karela juice so was put on Fenugreek seeds.Where no karela is available,Fenugreek is the solution.But must be very particular to chew the seeds.

  • what is fenugreek? what is tamil meaning and where it is available? Pl reply.

  • Thank you mr viswanathan. Now I can understand we call it as venthayam. I have also tried. No doubt it will control sugar but it will cool the body. For me if I take regularly, I used to get frequent cold so I have dropped it. This may be applicable for hot body. This is my personal experience.



  • These are from my personal experiences,had my own pathological lab,so I could run daily bl-tests and had kept record,nothing more + pts are my own friends and relatives so that it was easy to monitor.My elder sis being a doctor used to help as far diet was concerned.Sorry I just shared my experiences.

  • Where can i get this kerala juice in andhra pradesh and arround vijayawada city.

  • how much fresh karela juice i need to take daily.

  • It can be kept infridge for a week. I have used it but medicines may be minimised but should not be discontinued.


  • Thanks Mr.5719,you are the first person who has replied my basic question correctly,others started giving all those things about which I am already know.Thanks once again.

  • Thanks.The whole Karela juice is less effectiv and so body of karela shpuld be utelised in making cooked vegitable and peeled stuff should be grinded in amixi and its suspension in water sould be taken.One small kerala per day is useful and i recommend that as soon results come in normal range i with medicine it be dis continued and if and when it shows higher results it should be again taken.


  • What is fenugreek seeds in hindi I can't find it here in bangalore ?

  • Methi seed

  • Here every one was mentioning long karela juice.In my experience small variety gives better result.

  • its better to eat karela as it is or its better to take its juice or powder?? i heard in diabetes its better to take things as its is not in juice form ?? i m eating it as it is daily morning before doing it ok ???

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