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We should avoid taking local drugs badly advised by some people to fight againstg the diabet;

In India there are lots bogus drugs being sold in many shops by giving fals hopes to the diabetic people.It is only through your personal efforts with diets advised by your doctors can help you but not all these bogus local indian drugs. Must be very very careful .

It is better to do some daily exercice for 30 minutes, with green vegetables with or without fish.

Mutton gives us more fat and it is not good for heart .

Chicken and fish (well boiled ) but not with oil.

Should avoid eating oil items or food prepared with oil.

When you go to any eating house in India (in the twon) you will not know the genuine food.sometimes they use the same oil for several days to prepare all sorts of oil foods.

please avoid taking these foods.

In Tamil Nadu within a few years there will be millions of millions people who will have to take treatment for diabets. because of oil food, and too much of sugar on each and every food item.

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Hi Medfree,

I have read all your blogs regarding LCHF diet.

I am Diabetic from last 7 years .

Would like to know the items, which are good for diabetic and do not raise (Spike) Blood Sugar. Shall be grateful if you can categorise them in Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner and Snaks wise.

Specially, which Fat food is good for Diabetic.


Breakfast: Unfortunately there is nothing in India to have a good but balanced breakfast in the morning:I am unable to recommand you to have idly, Dosai, sapathi or brotta (all wheat items) not so good for the health.But unfortunately these are the treaditional food in India and we can not change.

Sapathi, or dosai one or two without too much of oil ,perhaps good .If you can take with tea without milk and sugar. Avoid takeing other foods made of oil.

For Lunch: Noodles, red rice, with boiled beans,salade,spinach( boiled without dhal ) bitter melon ( in tamil we say Pavakkaie ) it is very good and better taste. grains are also good for the health. As for the fruits one apple fruit. ( no any juice because in India almost all the juices are mixed with sugar.

dinner: light meals are very good. vegetable soupe( leeks,celery(if you have) beens ) noodles ( a slight portion only ) and spinach. When you prepare the noodles there should not be mixed with oil. Oil in India is mixed with various third class oil and very bad for the health.

We should drink water ( one leter at least per day )


all items prepared using soji of wheat and wheat flour raagi flour jawar and other millets are good.greens, cucumber bitter gourd ldy's finger cabbage (both leaf and bulb0 onions tomato raddish capcicum, brinjal bottlegourd are good avoid potato beetroot etc. lpsastry


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