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Dear friends good after noon i am very glad to share with you my friend also suffers from sugar he suffers more than three years one day i listen about sami direct this product and i told to my friend he is using Glyca care,CoQ Energizer (Dr Peter Mitchell was awarded the 1978 Noble prize for this product ) and i advised to use thease products now he is controling his sugar level and he is now very active i want to see india sugar less country that"s way use thease products and make our country diabetes less country

for more details make a call or mail me

with regards



mail kkonammagari@gmail.com

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Good News for Diabetic patients its really wonder

for more details contact



Good News for Diabetic patients use the sami direct product (Glyca care , CoQ Energizer and relief with sugar



It is a good thing if herbal treatment to give relief to all Diabetics in world. After all you give it free.

I would suggest, make it public on this forum about the herbal treatment. Instead of writing by each to you. It will also a painful work without any fees.


diabetic control is quite imperative for Indians suffering from it,but authentic information test is necessary to control fraud,misguidance to save the patients. I wish that Health unlocked fourm must take necessary steps to give proper guidance information to save the community from the greed of some unscruplus expolitors,kindly excuse my plain speaking. I am also a diabetic wishing to have some wonderful drug/herbal treatment-its availability easily.Thanks

Ashok goyal Muktsar 098722 96595


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