I am a diabetic Patient and having problem for doing sex Can you suggest me any thing


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  • Am a diabetic for past 8 years, but last 4 months, stopped clinic medication and was consuming 2 types of herbal tea, a kind of volcanic flower/plant.

    Was also experiencing ED, but after 1 month on herbal tea, almost > 50% of my stuff

    could erect, and my sugar level is maintained around 4-7, during tests.

  • ooops.... my email: pilihderan@yahoo.com ( Sravinraaj )

  • no problem,don't worry.send your full detail and get a homeopathic medicine that is safe and effective.mail me on santkumarpandey@gmail.com or call me on 09029650190

  • Best answer ... :)

  • Contact with details at apana.health.nutrition @gmail.com

  • control on blood suger solves every problam, for this regular suger test will help.

    secondly dont treat ur mouth as dust bin,eat acording to fixed diet chart.

    marendra shivani

  • think ofnly sex when you are on the job and forget ,even otherwise you are diabetic.Take your medicines and be choosy about what you eat. do take long and brisk walk and a bit of exercise daily

  • Hai all, I am back ! Humble greetings and thanks to all loving/caring souls, who have given and recommended ways and means to the path of DIABETIC recovery. Well guess what, by the grace of the MIGHTY, I can surely tell all U folks, that I'm on the road to recovery. Almost 8 years of Diabetic issues, and worst of all having ED problems, all my SYSTEMS are functioning well. Just 5 days of consuming a Food Supplement product, my ED problem is improving and to test on its effectiveness ( Food supplement), I have stopped my Type 2 Diabetic medication ( insulin jabs/Lovastatin & Glyprin tablets), for almost 2 weeks and my body's feeling the process of recovery and great. Kindly email me at pilihderan@yahoo.com, if U wish to join me & my network, for a healthier lifestyle. It's all the Truth and nothing but the whole Truth ! Love, sarvinraj.

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