Get rid of strips forever? Is this possible? Some people are trying:

There are several companies that are working towards solutions to solve the strip problem. One is Grove Instruments in the US. They are now testing a new glucometer that is non-invasive (I think it uses light to detect glucose levels). The problem is that you still have to check the meter every so often against a strip reading. So, the big question is, will this be once a day, or once a week? If its once a week, then it could be revolutionary. I will keep you posted...

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  • I would like to learn more about this. Will this device be available in Nigeria? Will it be available in Kenya also?

  • Yes - Helath Unlocked will be talking to Arthur Combs next week and we will find out more about this exciting product. Interesting to note that a Nobel laureate joined the company at the end of last year: Craig Mello

  • what about in Uganda?

  • what about in Tanzania?

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