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I had some great news last week. I had my yearly blood review (delayed by 6 months by covid lockdowns, and the reading which had been creeping up over the past few years from 48 to 51 to 53 and finally to 61 last november has dropped to 41. It’s a combination of weightlossand a lot more exercise plus metformin (500mg since March).

Nursey was quite chuffed with me and if it drops further in 6 months will look at taking me off the meds....woohoo.

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Hi Joliv.

That’s great news. I know how I felt when mine fell into normal range so I can well imagine your reaction.

I’m convinced that weight loss is the key.

Well done and congratulations. It’s great to see you have a positive result for all your effort. I’ve no doubt you’ll keep it up.

Best wishes

Joliv61 in reply to 84green

Thanks for the reply, yes weight loss is certainly helping with the habit reading also helping the bp too which is usually in the 115/65 range now. I still have a lot to lose though as I’m up at 19st 8...started at 22 st plus. Lord knows what it will be down to if I get to my 15 st target....

Hello Joliv61, I live in Canada and my readings use to be 6.1 and I have the blood test every 3 months, my last reading came back 5.6 in July my yearly check up with my specialist. I have a feeling that the results are similar just a difference between the (.) my specialist just said to keep on doing what I'm doing and I will see him again next July all being well. Well done it isn't easy keeping the numbers down even more so if you have to stay home. I only go out for blood tests and necessary appts with a doctor. My family doctor and/or other doctors some call and I just had to have a biopsy which I saw that specialist in the hospital and last week in his clinic to get the stitches out.

Take care, stay safe xx

What does chuffed mean? Not familiar with that term in the USA.

HealingArtist, it means pleased, or you could say chuffed to bits which would be very happy...👍👍 Sorry replied to myself first time.

HealingArtist, it means pleased, or you could say chuffed to bits which would be very happy...👍👍

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