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First timer!


Hi all,

It's great to join this group. I have been on BP drugs for about 14 years and now I hear I'm pre-diabetic! Hmm, I'll surely need some education on dhs.



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Good grief, what on earth have you been doing to yourself?

You can fix this if you wish, but I've noticed most of the members in D&H are dedicated to their disease(s) in a way that I haven't seen in any other group. They cherish them and cultivate them like a prizewinning rosebush. In other words, it's a bit toxic in here.

If you''d like some genuine support to get off the medication and reverse your T2D, I'd recommend the LCHF group, here:

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Thanks! Hmm, if this makes sense at all, I am wondering if there is a link between being hypertensive (or being on BP drugs for a long time) and increasing T2 diabetes level.

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Over the last couple of decades, all the evidence has been pointing towards them both being different manifestations of the same underlying disease.

You can't repair damage that's already been done (eg., arterial plaques that are calcified) but you can absolutely prevent things getting worse.

Since you've only recently been diagnosed with diabetes, there's a very good chance of complete remission with the correct diet. The success rate for people in your position is around 80%.

Do sign up over at the LCHF group, where you'll get a lot more interaction. It really is a dead zone here, and the few members that are still lurking are a bit ... strange.

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