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Diabetes type 2, with varied blood sugar after fasting.


Hello, my name is Vallabhanath (short name Vallabh). I am 76 years old, retired and live in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. I had been living in the West for the past 45 years. Last 10 or 15 years, I am suffering from diabetes type 2. I am on Glipizide 5 mg and Metformin 500 mg. My weight is 145 lbs. and my blood sugar fasting varies from 105 to 166. I know my doctor recommends to maintain blood sugar to about 100. If some one who has gone thru correcting such variation please advice me, I will certainly appreciate.

In view of my present situation, I am not very physically active and willing to make changes in diet to control sugar.



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I have Type 2 am taking 2mg Glimepiride and 750 mg Metformin Extended Release one pill each twice daily. The meds help but only if I am get a minimum of 10, 000 steps in each day. I have found that if I skip either my meds or my walk that my glucose measure too high. Last year at this time my A1c was 8. In the Spring I started walking more and my A1c was 7.4. I walked alot this summer. I use an app on my phone to count my steps. Last month my A1c came in at 6.7. My fasting glucose was running between 159 and 188 last year. Now it is 113 to 149. I need to work a little more on my diet and be more consistent with my walks and I am sure I will get that down more. I hope this helps you.

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Hi Betteg,

Appreciate your response. I will make it a point to walk as much as I can to reduce blood sugar.


Last week a member has shown a link of an online store here. They sell a grain known by different names in different places. In my place it is known as Long Wheat in English and Suuji Goothambu in vernacular. This grain is what set my T2DM right.

My experience is available here as well as at Appropedia. If you are interested, can search & find or ask here for links.

Wish you a quick relief.

Hello Vallabh,

I am 76 years with diabetic 2 from many years. I have varied readings from my sugar monitoring. I have diabetic retinopathy which seems to have stabilized now. I take metformin 850mg thrice a day plus glibenpride 4mg one a day and Actos brand of diabetic tablet of 30mg once a day. I take various herbal and vitamin tablets regularly like Omega 3 , ginko bilboa, aloe vera, garlic tabs, Q10, Lecithin and Saw palmetto etc.plus multivitamin tablets. I also take eye supplement to help my eye condition. Somehow these concoction has kept me away from serious side effects of diabetes except recently I have been diagonized with angina effect.

I had been taking diet form of soft drinks and that was helping me control my blood sugar but recently I read that these alternative sugar may cause cancer in long run so recently I started taking nondiet soft drinks and it showed up as high sugar in my recent check up so I am reverting back to a combination of diet drinks and tea without sugar at times.

Happy tidings

Jay Rawal

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Hello, I am also 76 and had type two for about ten years. I live on the east coast in England. My diabetes is quite well controlled. I have very little sugar ( almost none ) I go steady on carbs. I drink ginger or ginger and lemon tea and water nothing else ever I can drink the tea hot or cold. I eat fruit, nuts and vegetables a typical diner is small steak and salad or chicken with mixed veg and I love stir fry veg with a little meat added, my weight stays steady, I have porridge with fruit for breakfast and a sandwich at lunch the bread with it is whole meal which gives me some carbs. On the whole I have a good and varied diet and it does work. My doctor is always satisfied with the results from my regular checks. Non diet drinks are usually loaded with sugar and diet drinks. Are really bad for you. I hope this might help a little. It took a while to get it right but it has been worth it. I no longer crave for things I can't have. Regards Rosabeth.

Hello Vallabh, the best thing you could do would be to move to a low carb high fat diet, ideally the Ketogenic diet. Removing carbs allows you to avoid spikes in BG and in turn could mean that you can start to reduce or remove some of your medication whilst improving your HbA1c.

There is plenty of information and evidence online to support this and as a starting point I would recommend this site:


Good luck!

I forgot to say the only thing I take is a multivitamin with iron on my doctors advise. Rosabeth

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