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Hi to you all


Hi first off thank you for letting me join

I have type 2 diabetes and have had it for around 50 years I think I really have type 1 as it was when I was about 15 when I was diagnosed as I have always drank a lot and visited the toilet a lot ( but then the amount I drink it's bi wonder I got to the toilet )

I am having a hard time getting my blood sugar levels under control

I have had a major opperation witch has made my blood sugar levels go sky high or sky high for me

As now my blood sugar levels are around 12 to 22

Normally around 12 in a morning. But rising around the day

And I am having to take more insilin.

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Have you had a word with your doctor? You really need to find out if you are type 1 or 2.

Have you always been on insulin or did you start on tablets when you were younger and eventually end up on insulin?

I did start on tablts for a few months but have been on an array of different insilis over the years

I am having to wait to go to Nottingham hospital

As we have just relocated from the West Midlands

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