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Healthy eating plans

Hi all, I've been a diabetic now for 23 and a half years yes very uncontrolled at times with 2 beautiful healthy children, I've been on insulin since the age of 18 months old I'm taking novo rapid carbohydrate counting so 3 per 10 units and Lantus solo star 58 every night, and lately I've just felt so rubbish I don't feel well or healthy in myself and not just that but I've received a letter this morning saying my eyes are now been effected due to my big headedness over the years! So I'm looking for some healthy meal plans but I'm a very fussy eater and won't go near slot of vegetables or even different meals my daily intake is normally - weetabix or brown bred today for breakfast, dinner either a tuna or egg sandwich or tomato soup and tea would be tuna wrap with sweet corn with some fruits throughout the day such as an apple or some grapes (this gives you the rough idea of what a rubbish eater i am) if anyone can help that would be great thanks guys

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American Diabetes Association suggest to take the following steps to improve your diet:

In your dinner plate, put a line down the middle of the plate.

Then on one side, cut it again so you will have three sections on your plate.

Fill the largest section with non-starchy vegetables.

Now in one of the small sections, put grains and starchy foods.

And then in the other small section, put your protein.

Add a serving of fruit, a serving of dairy or both as your meal plan allows.

Choose healthy fats in small amounts.

For cooking, use oils.

For salads, some healthy additions are nuts, seeds, avocado and vinaigrettes.

To complete your meal, add a low-calorie drink like water, unsweetened tea or coffee.

Here is a "virtual plate" to fill :


I hope it was helpful !


That is terrible advice! A diabetic should not be eating all those carbs and grains.

Many diabetics are now realising that high fat (Good fats, no vegetable oils which are inflammatory and carcinogenic when heated!!), low carb diets are the best way to treat their diabetes!



Anyone would think that the American Diabetes Association were only interested in creating more diabetics, than helping people get better/stay well!

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I agree! That's why I have written above "Fill the largest section with non-starchy vegetables" (Starch=carbs)


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