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hello , my mother is diabetic type 1 patient. she is taking 30 units of insulin in the morning after breakfast and 10 in the evening arount 8 o clock pm after dinner im confused about whether insulin should be taken before or after the meal ? or is it depend on the blood sugar of patient at that particular point of time to decide whether to take insulin before or after the meal?

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Which type of insulin is your mother taking? Each type of insulin is different-- like people. Some insulins can be taken before eating, while others need to be taken after the meal. What does her Endocrinologist say she should do?


her doctor does not clarify about the problem sometimes he say take insulin before the meal and yesterday my mother blood sugar was 172 and he say before taking insulin give her some juice and breakfast then inject insulin that is why im confused and she is taking humulin 70 over 30


and 1 more question does blood sugar test machines that is used in homes give correct reading? doctor is saying that those machine are just for astray humans and my mum is very much tired of going to laboratory daily 2 times just for sugar test ....


For a diabetic, some need to eat before injections. I do both because it depends on my blood sugar and what type of insulin I'm using. The insulin I use at breakfast, lunch and dinner need to be done AFTER A MEAL. I also use a bed time insulin and that is taken BEFORE A SNACK.

For testing monitors, you can get one from your closest Pharmacy and test at home. Most are very reliable and you don't have to go to the lab except to get the A1c done every 3 months. I use the Breeze2. It has strips inside a wheel. You can put the wheel inside the monitor and take it out after the 10 strips/sensors are used up. Always put an extra wheel in the carrying case as a back up for extra tests being done on an emergency basis.

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today i have done the same thing strip were telling that blood sugar is 169 and lab say its 150 means 19 difference is it ok or normal differnce?


When you take blood for testing at home you are taking it from capillaries just below the skin.In the lab they take it from veins where suger levels are low.So naturally there is a variation of around 10./..Both are correct readings.B S test taken at home and more frequently is a guidance which helps us a lot.


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