Whats a safe oral med after getting off insulin?

I've been on victoza & lever for about 3 years now. My a1c over that time has gone from 9.2 to now a 6.7. I've lost 30 pounds & have a healthier lifestyle now which includes exercise & eating better. I take Hyzaar for my bp. I was diagnosed with early kidney disease after my first son. I've been in metformin before even the ER one but I always got diarrhea & horrible stomach pains from it. What would be a good oral med to take once I get off victoza & levermir that would not affect my kidneys? Sad to say but I feel like I have to do my own research.

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  • Metformin slow release works for a lot of people who can't tolerate the general one but obviously it still gives you problems, although it might be worth trying it again to see if, now you levels are better, if it works for you now. I'm not on insulin, just metformin and although I've not lost much weight I've got my levels down to 6.1 from 7.8 when diagnosed 4 years ago. Luckily, its the only diabetes meds I've been on although I'm on statins and BP meds too.

  • I was on metformin since 2002 and no matter what combination of tricks I've tried helps with my stomach issues. My body just can not tolerate it. Being that there are so many new things out there I was hoping for input on those but taking into consideration that I have kidney issues. Thank for your reply & time, I really appreciate it.

  • You're welcome, hope you find something that doesn't upset you.

  • Hi there I had the same problem with both regular and prolonged release, chemist gave me something called "metabet" it is a prolonged release but lactose free and it worked, my Gp now has prescribe it as a branded medicine,

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