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I was diagnosed with diabetic sometime last year, I was loosing lot of weight, feeling thirsty all the time and urinating more often my sugar level was 15.2. I went to hospital they put a drip on me for almost 5 hrs to reduce my sugar level and it only went down to 10.2. I was given medication to take every morning and night after meal felt better then decided to change my lifestyle minimizing sugar takings and even stop drinking pills as-well. I started training 20 minutes a day and making sure that every meal that i eat has at least 2 vegetables green and yellow, i have manage to control my sugar levels since to 5.5 and feeling healthy and strong now.

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Thank you kkapoor


Hi Mogapi, I have type 2 diabetes, several years now. I have always managed it with diet. My sugar level has always been about 6.1. In March I bought an exercise bike, and have been really working hard to lose weight and improve my heart (I also have atrial fibrillation) I have used the bike almost every day for 9 weeks. Recently my regular blood test for diabetes showed that my sugar level had risen to 9.4. The next one (ordered by the gp after a couple of weeks) showed 9.6. I cannot understand what is happening. I thought regular exercise brought sugar levels down, as it clearly has in your case. Has anyone got any thoughts on this. I cannot survive without some exercise, it's frustrating when all I want to do is help myself!


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