Due to stresses in the work field or domestic problems so many people are suffering from hypertention

Organic, pathological, heriditory problems also cause high bp.There are several homoeo medicines that are very useful.The best tested and satisfied medicines which are good for common HBP are

Rawalfia serpentina q and Passiflora incarnata q each 5drops in one table spoon water will not only

control HBP but also calms down the mind and induce normal sleep.Basing on the seviority dosage can be increased to 3 times daily.There is no side effect observed by me.The medicine is little bit bitter but can be overcome in due time.

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  • One must be very careful taking such supplements. They are not regulated like pharmaceutical drugs. There is the potential of them interacting with other medications.

  • Both are herbal plants .No interaction seen so far.I am using regularly and reccomending to others. Everything is on belief.In fact they work in cunjunction with tested medicines.

    Best wishes

  • Just because for you there are no interactions does not mean someone less reading this forum will not have an interaction. It is a known fact that some herbal remedies interact not only with medications but with medical conditions. I just find it irresponsible to encourage people to go take this herbal remedy without looking into what they are taking.

  • Where can you get hold of this medicine.

    Thank you.

  • From any Homoeopathic shops

  • These medicines are available in homoeopathic shops

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