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fruits and diabeties 2


There r so much discussions followed in this groupand also so much other groups in various blogs about diabeties medicines sulfunalurea and consumption offatand fruits

mainly So much diabeties allopathic / Doctors not to advisedthe Fruits to take by the diabetic persons . Most of themsays to consme the fruits like pappaya pomagranite for limited quantity and consume tomateo orange an d apple may consume sufficient quantity .

But ayurvedic specialists says that Fruits is very good for diabeties it is low calorie and content heavy moisture and low calorie it cannot harm The sugar from fruits is named fructorse it is natural sugar from fruits it does not harm . But whatever u consume more it became most harmful

Your stomach should be filled by 1/4 the portion by rice chapati roti etc by grains 1/4 the person by dal and fruits 1/4 the protions by vegitables either raw or fried or cooked and remaining 1/4 the person to leave it empty .

But genealy during these condition it may not possible to adopt these things

My personnel is I am try to make above but completely not possible I am since so many days i am not taken night meals only consuming fruits it may nor harm me .

can any expereinced persons may share your opinion. If fat and fruits is danger whether how much portionmay safe If fruit isdanger what the quantity may be consume by diabeties or not ? Thanks

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Fruit is actually quite bad just because of the sugar content. There's no philosophical reason, it's truth. So we should be eating less fruit, more veg. Sorry it's not as interesting but there it is. . . .

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Why fruits is too bad of course it has sugar as not high as carb contains of grains like wheat ricerogi jowhar etc Even oats and kellgs also conain carbs

Fruits has the source of frctrose itis one kind of sugar but when u count the quantity ofrains u hav consumed u cannot consumefruits that quality

Example if u consume 100gms of grains in the form coked rice it get 79 gms of carb or chapati it gets 71 gmes of carb But if u consume 100gms of

fruits its carb as follows

orange 10.6 musumbi 10.9 Apple 13.4 pappaya 9.5 mangoes 8.8 gauva 14.5 tomateo 3.9 grapes 10.2 pinapplke 12.5 watermelon 3.8 etc above all used fordiabetics other like banana sithaphala etc i will leave here banana and very high sweat fruit it was not recomonded for diabetics .

In mu opinion it isdifficult to eat more than 15o gms of fruits ( Only special case 2 or 3 % of people may consume more than 200 gms of fruits then theyconsume more than 200 gms of grains also )

here for fruits it contain more water the moisture hencewe have satisfied for small quantityand we need not further more .

Only question arises all thefruitsconsume is how much effect the Blood sugar raises any expereinced member may comment

My personnel opinion I amconsume night only 3 typesof fruits avilabale season total quantity not more than 50- 75gma Iam not raising BS my FBS is 93 always any time veries is 88-98

further any member may please share your opinions

for diabetic beetroot mangoes pinapple and potateo were ruled out for consume.

but carb contain beetroot 13.6 as potateo 22.9 carrot 10.7

So much doctors not recomonded mangoes pinapples grapes for Diabetic but total quantity of carb these fruits is lees for other fruits can u please clarify Thanks

English proverb says "An apple a day keeps Doctor away" Let us not extrapolate to 10 Apples A Day keeps 10 Doctors away.

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Sridhar your statement is good every man should understand . U may know that in Ayurveda diet system well explained as HITA VAK MITHA VAK RUTHU VAK Any thing can be eaten as meals it is some low quantity and good one and also seasonalfood to be consumed. But not knowing these things so many persons will losttheir health and suffer from morediseass.

Further there is no diet plan as separately so wemust consume the food in limit quantity and select it which is not for suitable to the body .

As a fructrose except heavy sweet fruit like mangeo banana sappota grapes may be fully discroded and fruits like apple pappaya orange may be consumed in LIMIT QUANTITY is not harm

This applies both diabetic and non diabetic TOO MUCH AMRUTHAM BECAME VISHAM

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Recyan thanks for respond

As u to lf mango may be taken with curd curd is not raise the blood sugar ? mango has fructrose it may raise the BS level like all other fruits But My own experience fructrose is not raises the blood sugar like glucose and carb like all grains Because we may not consume more fruits than Cooked rice rotis or chapathis like grains item We may maximum consume

Main point i am also informed every discussion the fruits maybe taken limit quantity i am taken 6 or7 small pieces of apple onesmall orange if big one i take 1/2 and 6 or 8 pieces of pappaya

general all seasonsal crops is good for health naturally irrespective od diseases and infections

Generallt diabetic persons must consult with Doctor and any thing eaten in low quantity is not bad

One of the artical I says one of the Doctors says THAT U MUST TASTE ALL SWEETS BUT NOT EAT.

In Ayurveda

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