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todays appointment

i am new to this site as just been told by dr that im heading towards having diabetes cos blood sugars getting high.don't know how long they 'd known because only told last week and last blood test was a while ago.anyway saw the diabetic nurse who asked about my diet,so told her exactly what i eat and how much i eat and drank.she said my diet was good and advised i have an alternative to sugar in my (very rare cup of coffee)and to eat more fruit including tinned fruit which i thought contained more sugar!!

then she went on about losing weight and exercise.it came back to the same old story they cant accept that my weight gain is beyond my control as it is nothing to do with my diet but what is causing my stomach to swell and i cant cut out what i never eat.she even said having small amount of chocolate every day was fine.regarding exercise i walk my dogs twice a day even though now it is a real struggle and that is normally fine and now they are saying that is not enough.its more than some people i know who never walk anywhere.on a good day i try to do a bit in the garden or some housework but even dusting leaves me in pain and exhausted.

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Sounds like there maybe something else going on besides diabetes. Did they do a thorough blood testing to rule out thyroid problems or liver irregularities . Stomach swelling isn't something I've heard is caused by diabetes. I've been a diabetic for close to 40 years. But weight gain can be a sign of thyroid and a host of other things too. Can you have your Dr check out your whole endocrine system? Just sounds off reading the information you gave here . I'd be wanting more tests personally.


will reply later curlymac.dogs need to go out.


hi curlymac.i have spent the last three years battling to get a diagnosis as many here will know.i had thyroid tests maybe last year and i remember my TSH being 3.2 which my dr said was normal and he said they wouldnt test T3 or T4 if TSH was normal.he has routinely tested bloods and they all appear in range.i know theres somethign else going on but what i am still trying to get answers and now my gp is listening to me ad accepts what i tell him i hope to find the cause of all my problems.

he said my glands were not up but he only felt the sides of my neck .i have "a hollow"at the base of my neck and a lump under my jaw and the front of my neck is "lumpy" so could be goitres or nodules?i havent been able to wear high neck sweaters this winter because of the tightness in my neck.

i have had an ultrasound to check my liver etc last year and a pelvic xray which was said to be normal and teh dr said she didnt think the tape was the cause of my pelvic pain which got worse over 2 years and is now debilitating.

i have asked to be referred to a gynae but it hasnt happened yet.


Hello, I am sorry to hear of your problems, and being diagnosed as nearly Diabetic was a worry to me at the time.

I am a type 2 diabetic on medication taking 3 Metformin and 2.5 Glicazide per day,

You may be put on diet control or perhaps medication next.

Metformin works by suppressing glucose production by the liver.

Metformin is the only antidiabetic drug that has been conclusively shown to prevent the cardiovascular complications of diabetes. It helps reduce LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and is not associated with weigh. I have also read that it can increase life expectancy.

But firstly diet control this me look more closely at what I eat to reduce Sugar and Carbs.

There is a useful programme or App called myfitnesspal.

This is available on PC at www. MyFitnessPal.com you have an iPhone or iPad then I would recommend you try that 'myfitnesspal' application.

My daily allowance is based on a well man check I had recently. So starting with breakfast I can check the food content. You seem to be less active and so you can put in a sedatory lifestyle.

My Daily allowance. 2 Shredded wheat 2 weetabix

With Soya mild

Calories. 2542. 214g. 218g

Carbohydrates 349 36g 37g

Fat. 85g 3g 3g

Protein. 95g 9g. 9g

Sodium. 2500mg. 10mg. 135g

Sugar. 50g 5g 7g

I do not know how active you are, I am retired and originally choose a sedatory lifestyle, ( and i lost weight which was not the object of the exercise in my case) and then activities, if I put in Say 3 hours of gardening my daily allowance will increase.

Recently I use the figures recommended after an essential male health check and with that I am maintaining my weight AND have very good control.

Do I use my fitness pal all the time answer is no not every day but i used it for a couple of months intensively and learned what I can eat for those first two months, and have cut out certain things like Dolce Gusto Cappachino, and too many potatoes too late at night which used up a lot of my allowance.

But it is also useful to check the Glycemic index and Glycemic Load of the food you eat,

The Glycaemic Index (GI) is a ranking of carbohydrate-containing foods based on the overall effect on blood glucose levels. Slowly absorbed foods have a low GI rating, while foods that are more quickly absorbed have a higher rating. This is important because choosing slowly absorbed carbohydrates, instead of quickly absorbed carbohydrates, can help even out blood glucose levels when you have diabetes.

You may also want to check your blood sugar levels throughout the day, and especially try to reduce your blood sugar at night before you go to sleep, your doctor may issue you with a meter to do this but some doctors do not issue meters and test strips to those on diet or medication control! The test strips do tend to be expensive.

I have purchased a Code Free meter, as the test strips for the Code Free meter is low compared to the other meters on the market. Some say it can read slightly high but it is withing the ISO standard.

The ISO standard for the accuracy of Blood Glucose Meters is:-

Within ± 0.83 mmol/L of laboratory results at concentrations of under 4.2 mmol/L

Within ± 20% of laboratory results at concentrations of 4.2 mmol/L or more.

I have found the Code Free very consistent in results compared to the one touch ultra that I have been using (still do one day a week)

The only issue with the code free is the finger pricier whose spring catch stopped working consistently after 2 months.

The meter itself is very good and works on a smaller blood sample compared to my other meter. So very pleased with the code free.

Try to get a meter donated but you may have to get lancets and finger pricker and the Code Free is the economic option.

Oh and chocolate, chocolate with a high cocoa content can be beneficial if consumed in low quantities, I prefer the Green and Blacks 90% cocoa chocolate.!

Hope all goes well.



I'm a bit confused, you mention Gi, and then list two high-glycaemic foods (Shredded Wheat and Weetabix) for breakfast?

Also how do your grammes of food add up to 2542 calories?


Yes you are correct, they are high GI I was using this from a previous post I did to answer a question from someone about these two cereals, I have Oat based breakfasts like Scott's porridge oats, or oatiflakes, or an egg.

The table I did did not come out clear, my daily allowance was 2542 calories, the shred died wheat or weetabix comes to 214 and 218 respectively, they were not added together, I must update my example next time but had limited time for my reply..

Do you suffer from angina? Or something else to reduce your mobility as you state in your post?

Best regards Michael


Sorry reply was intended to be to another member!


Jhonsons one touch gluco meter is cheaper comparing with aqucheck.But recently i experienced problems.the stip layer witch contains active substance to recieve is getting buckled up in the container itself so deffective(2)Horizon strips are not available in market.There is a provision for replacement(lifetime)But company people are not responding.Now the meter is useless.What to do?


hello michael I see you have just joined HU.finding out i might be diabetic was a bit of a surprise and i only found out when i saw the dr for something else.the blood tests she was referring to were not that recent so i could probably have been told sooner.after seeing the nurse on friday she nor the doctor suggested any medication and the nurse said they would review me in a years time.meantime appointment with dietician next week.the nurse said my diet was ok as i didnt eat too much of any one thing.i dont have an iphone or ipad.

i wouldnt say i am inactive.i walk my dogs twice a day and as im on my own i dont get help with housework and that is done when i can .it can take all day jsut to wash my floors.i try to tend to my garden on fine days and i sometimes employ someone to cut my grass what there is of it.recently had two areas paved over so it s less to maintain.mainly because of the curvature of my spine.

i have stopped eating shredded wheat in case that was contributing to problems and if i do have cereal its oatibix though recently seem to have problems with milk/dairy.so cutting them out too.

the doctors are keeping an eye on my blood sugars with regular blood tests.im sure the dietician will give me all the advice needed as the nurse said it s borderline and if she was more concerned im sure she wouldnt say i ll review it in a year.

i have a friend who is diabetic and she eats chocolate.

thank you ill let you know what the dietician says.

i dont add sugar to much -just the one spoon in a rare cup of coffee and i do sugar my peas when i cook them.something a friend always did.but dont know if diabetes is about that.


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