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Hi everyone, new here so hope I can get some feed back on my problem.

I have been treated by RHEUMY for the past 12 months or more for suspected sero negative Inflammatory Arthritis in my hands, scans show inflamation and there is a lot of stiffness, swelling and pain. Been on Methotrexate, Sulphasalazine which I couldn't tolerate and now been on hydroxychloroquine for the last 5 months with no difference whatsoever, on prednisolone for lung problems and these have been increased with no effect on hands, so decreasing back to my usual dose. I have Type 2 diabetes and have been on metformin for the last 3 1/2 years but have recently changed to gliclizide due to very bad diarrhea, also have other medical problems and can't tolerate a lot of meds especially pain ones.

Anyway rheumy has said he doesn't think it's Arthritis, but thinks it's diabetic neuropathy and my Fibromyalgia causing the problems. Any help greatly appreciated.

Hope everyone is as good as can be.


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Hello Titchyj

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