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An update on Vielight

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I wrote an email to Vielight as follows

"I have used you device vielight gamma for more than 2 months . It didn't improve my symptoms of Parkinson rather it got worse.

please advise whether I should continue using it or stop it?"

Their reply was

"Your Parkinson’s (PD) may have become even worse if you had not used the Vielight Gamma. We have a good number of improvements with the disease using the Gamma, and a proper clinical study is being planned. It has already been tested safe and in the worst case may do little but it should not be contributing to making the condition worse.

We have an accessory to add to the Gamma for PD patients called the Neuro Plus-X priced at $750. It triangulates with the Neuro Gamma to reach the deeper regions of the brain associated with the PD. If you are interested we will let you now when it is available.

However, it I up to you as to what is comfortable for you to do, and we are always prepared to do the 80% refund as agreed.

Thank you for using our product."

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My advice to all is to stay away from it. They are ruthless


I contacted the company and said I wanted to return it as it wasn't helping. There were no issues, they sent me a form to fill in and an address to send it to. If the clinical study proves it really has merit I can always buy another one in the future. Maybe like everything else technical it may get cheaper.

I am in forums with one of the scientist that makes the vielight neuro gamma and also have him as a friend on FB.

He goes out of his way to understand all questions and provide answers.

As the unit is soon to undergo intensive trials to prove its efficiency.

Please don't deny a product to others because sadly may of not worked in your case. Neeurodegeneretive disease is so complex.

So it won't have the same results globally, but so far it is proving its worth.

I do hope that continued use will yield you with results. As the brain will heal slowly. All the very best in your venture for health

Kind regards max

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TomandDon in reply to Iddly1

Can you share with us the forums that you belong to that one of the scientist that makes the vielight neuro gamma also belongs to?

Thank you in advance

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Farooqji in reply to TomandDon

same question from myself to iddly1

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Farooqji in reply to Iddly1

I have always reiterated and point out again that there are other reasons also which is not fair on the manufacturer part. First they should not launch an unproven product and play with the people hopes. I have even contacted the professor who has carried out the original study on mice (his email address

He was also unsure of its effectiveness in humans.

Second they pay commission to the websites who advertise it on their websites and provide 10 percent discount code. These are bogus websites giving false hopes to pwp.

Lastly their gadgets are 10 times overpriced.

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Farooqji in reply to Iddly1

BTW you have joined this forum today. What motivated you to join? Just to defend Vielight?

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PDConscience in reply to Iddly1

RE lddly1: PEEEEEWWW!!! ...the unmistakable stench of a snake-oil salesman (and just joined HU forum today to hype this glorified pen-light sham... pathetic).

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MorningStar27 in reply to Iddly1

Iddly1, thank you for sharing the information. Just to let you know the my friends and I also using the vielight, either vielight gamma or vielight 810. So far all has experienced positive results. These are the improvements combined results. The improvements of the symptoms are: have more energy, cognitive, balance, walking, sleep (my friend has been relying on sleeping pills), bowel movement and can write properly.

I retuned the equipment as it had no effects. I am lamenting on the loss of 20% which is non refundable

This sounded interesting, and I was proceeding with my DD. One or two dissatisfied customers can be expected. Many negative reviews was the tip off for me. Plus their 20% return fee also was a red flag. If their product worked, returns would be minimal.

Thanks for posting Iqbal.

Hi all, I have a long term interest in Red light therapy. I use it myself for hair regrowth and general health and healing.

At present I do not own any of the vielight products. And I am not afielated in any way with there production or sales.

I won't disclose the groups I use and I joined because I was searching google for vielight, and this review came up.

Please continue to use pharmaceutical drugs if you do not believe the vielight offers no long term hope of healing autoimmune disease.

I won't be visititing this forum again due to there being to many keyboard warriors that only want to attack others with uneducated and unresearched opinions on what is and will show to be a very breakthrough technology.

User Iqbaliqbal

My apologies that this has not worked for you, and yes we all look for hope when we have a life threatening illness, but vielight are not just out to relieve you of your money.

They have a product that they are having to pay vast amounts to put through very vigorous trials.

If sites choose to give a discount and get a kickback for advertising the product. This is a global way of selling and bares no light on the products or manufactacturing company.

I do agree the price is high, but then it's very advanced technology and well made by all accounts.

I think if you continue to follow the story of vielight, you will see more positive than negetive in the fight against brain illness, I will happily pass the original comment you left on to the man I mentioned if you would like to see his actual answer.

I sincerely find healing and hope in your journey and search for health.

Kind regards


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Lwaj in reply to Iddly1

Hello Iddly

Thanks for your comments. I just joined this site in search of more reviews on the Vielight Neuro Gamma before purchasing it for my husband's alzheimer's. Please can you sent me the answer from the person you mentioned?

I did try unsuccessfully for the lat wk to contact Max Burr on his home made device!

Kind regards


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melodie in reply to Iddly1

Hi Max, as a side issue, can you tell me how red light helped hair growth? what frequency and duration? Very interested :)

I also watched my Grandad who was ex military served for his country, a proud and strong man, be slowly destroyed by Parkinson's.

To the point that his words in his last few months where, if I was a horse they would of shot me by now. I loved and adored and spent much of my childhood with this man. And from the moment he was diagnosed I sadly see a man be destroyed both physically and mentally to the point of death.

Rest in peace.

I'm torn on this. I used vielight for my dad's dementia, which has receeded, but at the same time took him off his anti-cholinergic drug. It hasn't helped with any other symptoms that I'm aware of, he's been on it for less than two months.

But to quote Morley Robbins from Magnesium Advocacy FB group: You were not born with a red light deficiency.

I agree with him that photobiomodulation therapy is picking up where something at celluar level has gone wrong or out of balance. To me, correcting that imbalance is as important as trying to help the symptoms.

If anyone wants more in-depth you can find it here:

I am sorry to hear that vielight didn’t improve your symptoms.

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