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Help me find the most studied supplement in PD.

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The goal is to organize and have a list of the most studied supplement in PD and to sort by study count. This way we have a reason why a supplement is popular.

Post your supplement with a link to the study.

Here is my initial work.

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I guess this has already been done :)

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Please continue! This is such an excellent idea! I have been researching each supplement and vitamin one by one but I have a long long ways to go. Getting people to contribute to your endeavor would be so wonderful!

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MediumI am using mannitol

Good effect

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What are using it for?

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PDWarrior1900 in reply to Thal

great link, thanks!

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I agree. Please continue!

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There are a number of studies related to Thiamine(B1)

Just did a bit of googling to find these studies. I'm unsure if its comprehensive and/or if there are duplicates.

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Great thanks

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1. Ashwagandha 2. Bacopa monnieri

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Probably one of the best posts I have read. Thank you.

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Any info when one should take all these supplements? In what order? On empty stomach? What supplements go with each other and which ones do not?

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Does thiamine cross the blood-brain barrier? The quote below is confusing?

"Free thiamine is not lipophilic and cannot cross the blood-brain barrier by simple diffusion. Transport of blood thiamine to the brain parenchyma is carrier-mediated and it is a slow process [37].Jun 12, 2008"

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HekateMoon in reply to nedim

What about Thiamine HCL? This is the one most of us take

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This is also confusing

"Curcumin is a hydrophobic polyphenol extracted from the dried rhizomes of Curcuma longa L. and shows good potential for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and brain tumors. The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is the major obstacle for the delivery of curcumin into the brain, limiting its therapeutic potential.Jul 30, 2020"

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HekateMoon in reply to nedim

I believe the effect may be activated if takenwith black pepper...

Niacin study - Augusta GAIt should be noted that although they used niacin, NR and NMN are possibilities as well. All work in a similar way to increase NAD.

Coffee : not a supplement but effective like a good supplement. Coffee cherry (the husks) cascara looks like it might be even better than coffee.

Rutgers coffee PD study

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I would love and appreciate finding a more natural support!

Thank you !

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