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Dr. Simon Stott's recording is now available- PD research round up 2021 & looking ahead to 2022

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Thank you to all of you who joined us on Monday.

We had some wonderful feedback on Simon's engaging, informative, and very plain speaking presentation on his highlights for PD research in 2021 and his thoughts on what to look out for in 2022, specifically with the repurposing of drugs to help PwP.

For those of you who missed it, the session was recorded and is now available on our YouTube channel, accessed from this link:-


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Our next session will be taking place on the 24th of January at 7:30 pm London time and the speaker will be Professor Roger Barker of Cambridge University on the topic of "Is it possible to repair the brain in Parkinson's disease using cell-based therapies?".

Invitations will follow shortly.

15 Replies

thank you.

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Michel0220 in reply to

You are welcome Nedim.

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Thanks. It was good.

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Michel0220 in reply to MBAnderson

Thank you very much MB.

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A breath of fresh air to watch! Thanks for organizing such great speakers Michel!

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Thank you Missy, it is a real pleasure.

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Hi Michel, do you know if it is possible to find the transcript of the intervention so that it can be translated?

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Hi FedI am very sorry but I do not have a transcript. Maybe there is an app out there that does this but I am not aware of it.



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I did not know this but YouTube has a transcript generator that you might find helpful.

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Thank you for sharing these EXCELLENT talks. I admire your ability to obtain such high profile/quality guests.

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Michel0220 in reply to jimcaster

Thank you very much Jim for your support.

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Very encouraging, thank you Michel and apologies for not joining the group as planned.

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No worries WB!

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Many thanks for sharing this excellent presentation on "You Tube". It's provoked a lot of thought.

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You are most welcome. Please also have a look at the recording of Roger Barker on stem cells.

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