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B1 and Blood Pressure

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I take a multitude of supplements. Vitamin B1 is the only one recommended by my neurologist. I am reading that B1 can increase my BP. (At what dose, by how much, which number or both)?

My diastolic pressure stays below 85, but my systolic pressure can get alarmingly high and is never below 140. I have a checkup with my GP on 1/10/22 and was planning to ask him to change my BP meds.

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No one can say what dose will affect your blood pressure and by how much - because we are all snowflakes.

I was trying to find optimal B1 dose one+ years ago (high end 4-5 grams/day) and starting to get positive results as I followed Dr. C's protocol. Noticed my bp stayed elevated, made me wary and stopped the experiment. If memory is correct, Dr.C mentioned high BP as a possibility.

eschneid I only take 100 mg of B1 and 80 mg of benfotiamine a day. Much less than you stated,Is this link to Dr. C's protocol highdosethiamine.org/ ?

Finding the Correct Dose:

In case of recent onset of the disease in patients whose weight is between 50 to 65 kg (110 – 145 lbs), we begin the therapy with two grams of thiamine per day, before and after lunch.

In case the patient weighs more, the dose can be three grams per day, always divided into two administrations.

would you mind sharing the name and location of a neurologist who supports supplementation with B1? I am looking for one. Thank you!

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A little misleading to say my neurologist. I live near Augusta, GA. I went to the VA ER here complaining that I couldn't walk straight. The VA sent me to AU Health fearing I had an aneurysm. The neurologist there diagnosed Parkinsonism because I was rolling my fingers on my right hand. He was the one that recommended the B1. I only saw him twice. My current Motion Specialist knows I still take B1. She hasn't endorsed or said anything negative. She is the one that sent me for a D-scan which showed I have Parkinson's and has been my neurologist for the last few years. She is also at AU Health.

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How far from Augusta, GA do you live?

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Far, but I'd really like to find someone.

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Doesn't look like Dr Wallace is there anymore?

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Okay, well thanks for trying

Got it - thanks for the clarification. Do you happen to remember the name of the neurologist who recommended B1?

Not everyone gets elevated blood pressure from B1. I have only heard 2 or 3 reports on this forum, which has many people who use or are testing B1. Some are still able to use it by adjusting their dose. Like everything else it comes down to trial and error.

Here is a link that you may find useful that has most of the relevant information that Dr. Costantini left with us plus individual posts from forum members describing their experiences with B1:



My husband did get extremely high blood pressure with B1. He was on blood pressure tablets at the time. We did increase the dose fairly quickly, up to 2000mg. We stopped it for a period and then started slowly. He’s taking 500mg now. I’m not sure if it helps. His symptoms are predominantly non motor. Apathy being the worst ones. Mannitol helped amazingly with that.

I don’t think that getting high blood pressure with B1 is common. As Art said, he’s certainly only seen it reported a couple of times.


I haven't mega dosed. I only take 100 mg of B1 and 80 mg of benfotiamine a day. Much less than most stated here. I am on BP meds. I do have lab blood work and appointment tomorrow. with my GP.

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