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Immersive Virtual Reality Exercise Games for People with PD?

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For some time I have been toying with the idea of using VR exercise games to manage my symptoms. Does anyone have any experience of this?

Below is an article on this topic. I wonder if they are off the shelf exercise games that people have been using and found to be useful?

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Hi Michel,interesting. I have been a subscriber for two years to BrainHQ from Posit Science, which I find useful and very varied. A big thank you for your always very stimulants posts. All the best

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Michel0220 in reply to Fed1000

Thank you very much Fed. I am familiar with Brain HQ and use Elevate and Peak daily. I would like to explore the possibilities offered by virtual reality to improve cognitive and motor skills. It is a slightly uncharted territory to be frank but I believe it is worth a try. Gamification of mental and physical exercise might make it more interesting and captivating.

Interesting .Thank you for sharing, Michel.

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Michel0220 in reply to Kia17

Thank you very much Kia.

I’ve been trying to get hubby to use my VR boxing app in VR…he was a bit too slow in his reactions to play it but it might be worth a try! It can be played sitting if you have balance challenges.

Hi LL,Thank you very much for your reply. VR boxing is a great idea indeed.

How long do you use the VR for? Don’t you feel dizzy after a while?

Usually about 40 minutes. I’m healthy though it’s hubby who has PD. Dissiness and nausea vary by person and app, so it’s worth trying different things.

Perfect. Thank you very much LL!

Sounds worth exploring as my husband with PD uses the Wi fit games such as boxing, cycling, table tennis, golf etc when indoors but not explored VR games. Interesting reading thanks. He finds manual dexterity challenging and frustrating maybe it might help. Thanks for posting.

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Michel0220 in reply to Zella23

Thank you very much Zella. Here is a review of some of the exercise games that are on the market:

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Zella23 in reply to Michel0220

Thank you

I use my sons VR to play beat saver which helps tremendously with cognitive and physical exercise. It’s a great way of improving my motor skills and exercising when I can’t get out to play tennis. It doesn’t seem to reduce my tremor but then nothing I’ve found does just the knowledge that I’m slowing down the progression of PD is enough to motivate me.

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Michel0220 in reply to Bramma

Thank you very much Bramma, this is very encouraging.

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