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Aspirin targets key protein in neurodegenerative diseases - updates?

This is from 2015. I have not found anything recent. I wonder if trialing aspirin is of interest to Cure Parkinson’s Trust?

Is anyone taking baby aspirin for neuro-protection?

I believe it is terrible for the gut biome.

Any experience or info is appreciated.

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I take mini-asprin on occaision if I have had a day with poor food and no excercise ( which happens fairly frequently). Can't say whether really beneficial, though in general Mannitol + 250 mg B1 + Magnesium threonate + 10mg Melatonin has kept me fairly symptom free.

May 26, 2020

Daily Aspirin Not Neuroprotective in ASPREE Trial

In my opinion 4.7 years of follow-up is hardly adequate to see any change in the incidence of dementia or mild cognitive impairment in an already elderly population

Fair point.


Yes, I am not a fan of daily use of aspirin, even at low dose. As I mentioned, I think its antiviral qualities can be useful when needed, but it is not anywhere near my first choice as an antiviral. It alters the gut biome even at low dose and not in a good way. It is considered heart protective by some doctors, but if it causes dysbiosis, your heart is still going to suffer! Imo, melatonin is a superior heart protectant based strictly on the available science.


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goldengrove in reply to chartist

Do you have references for low-dose aspirin causing dysbiosis and is "low dose" 325mg or 100mg or less? After all, low dose aspirin seems to be protective against colorectal cancer, presumably by means of favourable bacterial effects at least in the colon.

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chartist in reply to goldengrove

This April 2021 study in rats used a low dose aspirin(LDA) equivalent to a human dose of 100 mg. Here is a link to the full study :

Here is a quote from the study :

>>> ' Recent studies suggest that long-term LDA use is associated with lower digestive tract injury and is an important factor in the development of small intestinal ulcers, bleeding, and stenosis. Both short- and long-term LDA use can cause insidious intestinal injury, which occurs in up to 42.1-80% of cases [1, 2]. ' <<<

I am not a fan of LDA.

I'll choose melatonin over aspirin any day to lower my risk of colorectal cancer without the risk of intestinal damage or gut dysbiosis.

Another health benefit associated with melatonin use.


According to this article which I posted 2 years ago aspirin can raise levels of tyrosine hydroxylase which supposedly increases levels of dopamine, but I am not sure if there were any human studies.

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Thank you for the link. As always, Simon summed it up so well. My take away from the article is that even if aspirin minimizes symptoms by increasing dopamine production, it is doing nothing to protect the neurons and therefore is symptomatic and and not near-protective. I believe I understood correctly?

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Yes, you did!

Have to take it to prevent additional heart attacks, science is very clear once you've already had one, see your cardiologist and\or internist.

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