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It's not like the proverbial getting mauled by a polar bear and a grizzly bear on the same day, but one dead per 7 million seems close.


There must be more to this than has been announced by the CDC.

It simply cannot be possible that the government bureau responsible for leading the nation through this unprecedented catastrophe because 6 people became ill, one dying, out of almost 7,000,000 people who received the J&J vaccine. How many people out of 7 million random individuals fall ill with similar blood clot issues? Based on no evidence my guess is more than 6.

I think this a obvious case of bureaucratic cover you ass. The decision makers know that if there is a serious side effect from the vaccine, and they do not react, the damage to their careers will be far greater than allowing the vaccinations to continue. The lives lost by delaying vaccinations will be forgotten in the everyday death list, while any deaths from the vaccine will be headlines with each occurrence.

If the CDC has released all they know they should issue an advisory reporting the number and severity of the cases among a tiny few of the 7 million vaccine recipients. They should say that they are closely studying to find out if there is any commonality among those affected. They should say the warning will be given to all people who want to take the vaccine and that those with concerns can wait the results of further analysis.

But they should be clear that the chance that if you will suffer a similar illness is less than the chance that you will be struck by lightning. To not give the potential recipients of the vaccine the opportunity to exercise their own evaluation of the risk after they have been fully informed is medical malpractice.

Right now, to cover the criticism, the CDC and their mouthpieces in the media, are saying that the J&J vaccine can be replaced by the supply of the other two vaccines. But no one can say that some people will not be vaccinated as soon as they otherwise would have been.

That means death to many times more than the one who has died so far.

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I think the blood clot danger is worse taking the contraceptive pill and they issue that to young girls without even consulting their parents here!

bookish in reply to LAJ12345

Sadly they do, and that can cause considerable issues, as it did with me. I was lucky in that the link was obvious and the GP realised and I stopped using it but others in the family weren't so fortunate. No one ever said there was an underlying cause and I didn't find that until many years and far more illness later. Once families have the telltale signs of vulnerability to clots/oestrogens checking the kids before use would save so much grief.

LAJ12345 in reply to bookish

I wonder if it is the same thing causing clots with the vaccine since it’s mainly young women

bookish in reply to LAJ12345

As far as I know, it is a different kind of clotting and could be made worse by the kind of anticoagulation that would be given. No expert and I don't know if or how they connect. It will be interesting to see how many have signs of Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome though. APS support advice has been amended

"On 7th April 2021, the government released new guidance based on the analysis of a small number of people who have suffered very rare adverse events of clots and low platelets in patients who received the first dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine. Adverse events have not been reported after the second dose.

The new advice is that patients who have a higher risk of blood clots due to their medical condition should receive the Astra Zeneca vaccine only if the benefit outweighs the risk of clots. It is not clear whether this means that they and their healthcare practitioners will be able to choose one of the other two vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna) instead, so APS Support UK is asking the MHRA for clarification on this point."

My concern is that it can take many years and a variety of symptoms before anyone gets a diagnosis and the clot is often the first sign that gets real attention. It might simply be that they are already vulnerable but undiagnosed, taking the pill and vaccination coincided with high oestrogen.

There is some suggestion that the vaccine may be triggering an autoimmune attack on platelets (just like a virus can) and autoimmunity is disproportionately weighted towards women with a stronger link in some diseases than others.

LAJ12345 in reply to bookish

I wonder if the clotting is just a symptom of a widespread issue that as yet hasn’t been identified but might pop up in future.

bookish in reply to LAJ12345

It would seem perfectly possible. Covid/long Covid is being connected to mast cell dysregulation and mast cells promote thrombotic complications. One of the many mediators released is heparin.

MBA, I agree! If it smells like BS, it is BS. Also, why aren't they pushing Regeneron's meds, which are clearly the safest and most effective and fast acting????? Something smells rotten,here.

Mark, this time you are on the same team with Mr. Trump. Lol!

MBAnderson in reply to ion_ion

No, no, no. If I gave that impression, I'll have to slit my throat.

My position is that more people will die from this suspension then will die from continuation and the only nuance is my belief that people should be fully informed to make their own decision.

Your chance of being hit by lightning or mauled by a polar bear and grizzly bear on the same day is quite a bit lower than your contracting Covid.

One other position that people will absolutely love to pounce on is that if an adverse event occurs only with one gender, they should continue vaccinating the other gender.

If you have a bowl of 7 million Skittles....

" If I gave that impression, I'll have to slit my throat."


Are there any drugs with an adverse effect record of 1/million? Not even aspirin is that good.

I thank you for your non-scientific, political vaccine commentary.

The J&J data involves only one(1) sub-group of females, 18-40, of unknown sample size or one specific geographical location or lot/batch #, not a total of 7 million people as you incorrectly allude to.

Why not? Because J&J and the CDC are developing a tracking system to determine the exact # of adverse events. Currently they have no specific information. IOW, the # of cases maybe much higher as per AZ's stats. No one really knows at this time. Did these woman take birth control pills which have a documented history of leading to cerebral blood clots? who knows? Nobody.

Denmark has permanently banned the AZ vaccine, which is a similar type of vaccine to J&J using the same technology. the J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines use a cold virus, called an adenovirus, to carry the spike gene into the body. J&J uses a human adenovirus to create its vaccine while AstraZeneca uses a chimpanzee version.

1) Last week, British regulators and the European Union’s medical agency said they had established a possible link between AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine and sometimes fatal, blood clots.

2) “We are recommending a pause in the use of this vaccine out of an abundance of caution,” Dr. Peter Marks, the director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

3) J&J said that it was pausing vaccinations in its clinical trials.

Covid Mortality rate overall in US since Jan. 26, 2019 = .00178% for all age groups

Covid Mortality rate by total cases = .018% for all age groups

If this commentary is too scientific for you. please forgive me.


Good summary. Thnx. (It was almost too scientific, but not quite.) I was struck, too, by the lack of data for such a decision.

I am intrigued, @sharoncrayn. Is it true then that human cells from aborted fetuses are being used in these vaccines? I could do a search but I wanted a fast answer.


MBAnderson in reply to pdpatient

sort of. cells from the 60s.

pdpatient in reply to MBAnderson

Hmm. Oddly enough, now that makes me a little queasy and uneasy.

Damn, how did I miss that?

MBAnderson in reply to pdpatient

To clarify, cells are not used in the vaccines. Vaccines have to be developed using human cells.

MBA said..." Vaccines have to be developed using human cells."

Don't play scientist. Reword your comment --- " developed and manufactured."


You turned hair splitting into an art form, albeit, a pretty tedious one.

What about, "put in bottles." How come you left that out?

Developed is just fine by itself (because the comment is true as stated.)

"Is it true then that human cells from aborted fetuses are being used in these vaccines?"

Most vaccines do contain AF cells; some don't. Pfizer and Moderna claim their vaccines do not. who really knows since no independent lab verified their claim. Realistically, the development of the Covid vaccines all did so, at least initially.


"I thank you for your non-scientific, political vaccine commentary."

I try to stay away from scientific commentary, less I be totally rejected by the superstitious (Covid deniers and anti-maskers. )

mask fit is critical to effectiveness EVEN WITH 3Ms K-95 (knockoff KN-95s are from China)... most masks are useless. even the CDC admits it in their fine print.

Qualitative fit testing is normally used for half-mask respirators like the N95, which cover only the user’s mouth and nose. Qualitative fit tests operate on a pass/fail method and do not measure the actual amount of leakage. They rely on the user’s sense of taste or smell, or the person’s reaction to an irritant, to detect leakage. The mask fails the test if the wearer can detect any leakage of the test substance.

To conduct a positive pressure check:

Don and adjust the mask for proper fit. Then, exhale gently into the facepiece.

The face fit is considered satisfactory if a slight positive pressure can be built up inside the facepiece without any evidence of outward leakage of air at the seal.

• To conduct a negative pressure check:

Don and adjust the mask for proper fit; then inhale gently so that the facepiece collapses slightly, and hold the breath for ten seconds.

If the face piece remains slightly collapsed and no inward leakage of air is detected, the tightness of the mask is considered satisfactory.

Remember jocko as you wrap your face with duct tape:

Do not combine two medical procedure masks. Medical procedure masks are not designed to fit tightly and wearing a second medical procedure mask on top of the first medical procedure mask does not help to improve the fit.

Do not combine a KN95 mask with any other masks. You should only use one KN95 mask at a time, and you should not use any type of second mask on top of or underneath a KN95 mask.




"Shave"?? If you are referring to my appearance, the only way you could know I'm sometimes unshaven would be if Bill Gates sent you a picture. Besides, my wife says I'm a spitting image of George Clooney when unshaven.

"of unknown . . . specific geographical location" seems like you're wanting to make the point that of one death per 7 million doses is an illegitimate reference and instead we should look at the ratio based on batch or location.

Surely, you jest?

7 million doses were administered and one person died. That's one death per 7 million no matter how you cut it. Deaths per batch or per location are a distortion because 99% of the people contemplating a vaccination will not get that batch or live in that town.

Despe in reply to ion_ion

Holocaust survivor says,

LAJ12345 in reply to Despe

Seriously? Well I’d rather have had the severe lockdown we had in New Zealand and have been practically virus free for months than have freedom like they have in Brazil! It’s a shame the whole world didn’t do it at once as we would have it well under control by now. Sometimes freedom of the individual is overrated and destructive.

This seems like crazy talk to me.

KenS51 in reply to LAJ12345

I agree with you totally! In Canada we had new arrivals to our country handed a piece of paper suggesting they self quarantine and ABSOLUTELY NO FOLLOW-UP!

We sort of pat ourselves on the back that we are north of the 49th parallel and are no where near as bad as the US of A...but the lessons learned of...

- what to do (i.e. test, test, test, track, isolate - Taiwan, Korea, Singapore) and

- what NOT to do (i.e. keep that ship from landing but airports and no masks are OK...use bleach! - the US of A , most of Europe & the middle east)

...were not followed, and thousands have died, initially in elderly care homes but now young folks too. 'Lock-down' in dribs and drabs has pissed people off and the new variants are spreading much more easily than the original bug....reminds me of the mechanics commercial that says 'you can pay me now, or you can pay me later'....well we are paying with unnecessary deaths.

LAJ12345 in reply to KenS51

Chaotic. We’ve had a week with an infected security guard that lied about being tested and who has been roaming auckland infected for weeks. Hoping that hasn’t spread it this time.

MBAnderson in reply to LAJ12345

It is the anti-mask "you are taking my freedom" cohort that has extended this pandemic 10 months longer than it needed to be.

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

I know a lot of you LUV Mercola, but his publishing this article claiming public health measures are akin to Nazi tactics, means he will say anything for attention or is dangerous or he's a screwball. I would think Jews would find the analogy very offensive.

Despe in reply to MBAnderson

He is not claiming, the Holocaust survivor is.

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

Au contraire.

When he publishes it in his magazine, he is spreading the message.

Hitler didn't send the Jews to Auschwitz to make them wear masks.

Despe in reply to MBAnderson


Let's agree that we disagree. I respect your opinion, please respect mine. I am against vaccines, especially after I lost my mother and recently a relative. It requires a long, long time for SAFE VACCINES to develop and tried on humans.

I take all the right vitamins, minerals and food to keep myself healthy--the body can heal itself if you give it the right weapons.

Best of luck with your second FUS! Please keep us posted.

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

Thank you, thank you.

I understand people's reasoning for not getting a vaccine.

I was talking about masks. I do not understand the rationale for not wearing a mask.

Despe in reply to MBAnderson

I don't believe masks protect enough. . . I have one in my purse and take it out when I enter shops. I put it back in my purse when I leave the shop (s). It is made of organic cotton and I do wash it frequently; however, I don't believe it protects me from infection, just following dictatorial ruling. I also don't go out as often as I used to, but not because of infection fear. What prevents me from going out and have a regular life is my husband's PD.

PS. I don't hear of any flu, pneumonia or bronchitis cases any longer--disappeared! Cancer, heart attacks, etc. etc. Still around? Does anyone die from these illnesses? I had pneumonia in my early 30s and bronchitis in my 50s. Thank God it happened then and not now, or else. . .

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

It's only 8 mins

GioCas in reply to MBAnderson

Not really sure, or am I wrong? Quote: "Airborne transmission of respiratory viruses is difficult to demonstrate directly. Mixed findings from studies that seek to detect viable pathogen in air are therefore insufficient grounds for concluding that a pathogen is not airborne if the totality of scientific evidence indicates otherwise."

MBAnderson in reply to GioCas

Gio, I don't understand what you're saying. What is it that you are not really sure of?

The Lancet article could not be more clear that Covid is an airborne spread pathogen and it cites 10 explanations.

'Ninth, no study to our knowledge has provided strong or consistent evidence to refute the hypothesis of airborne SARS-CoV-2 transmission."

"In conclusion, we propose that it is a scientific error to use lack of direct evidence of SARS-CoV-2 in some air samples to cast doubt on airborne transmission while overlooking the quality and strength of the overall evidence base. There is consistent, strong evidence that SARS-CoV-2 spreads by airborne transmission. Although other routes can contribute, we believe that the airborne route is likely to be dominant. The public health community should act accordingly and without further delay."

GioCas in reply to MBAnderson


It would be easy to respond that direct casuality has not been demonstrated, but that would be an analysis of the data out of context and wrong as you say and Lancet as well. But point ninth shows at the same time that partial lockdowns and curfews are counterproductive by forcing people indoors (see familiar contagions ). And I quote, " Ninth, no study to our knowledge has provided strong or consistent evidence to refute the airborne transmission hypothesis of SARS-CoV-2. Some people avoided SARS-CoV-2 infection when they shared air with infected people, but this situation could be explained by a combination of factors, including variation in the amount of viral shedding among infectious individuals of different orders of magnitude and different environmental (especially ventilation) conditions. Individual and environmental variation means that a minority of primary cases (specifically, individuals shedding high levels of virus in closed, crowded environments with poor ventilation) account for the majority of secondary infections, which is supported by high-quality contact tracing data from several countries."

Total lockdown is impractical in the long term the only way out remains the mask, live outdoors and turn off the air conditioning... i.e. a strategy aimed at reducing droplets in a targeted and minimally invasive manner.Maybe.!

MBAnderson in reply to GioCas

Agree, but, again, above I am talking about masks, not lockdowns. If, from day 1, everyone wore a mask and kept their distance, (declined to party, go to bars, participate in super spreader events) there may have been no lockdowns.

And again, as I have repeatedly said, I understand people's fear of vaccinations, although I am satisfied it is unwarranted, but I do not understand how being asked where a mask is such a big deal to be worth refusing.

If they are willing to whine and complain about wearing a mask, what would these people do if ever they were asked to make an actual, real sacrifice?

Prima donnas, all.

GioCas in reply to MBAnderson

Sure, I understand MBA, but I like to analyze broad contexts.

Regulating the behavior of millions of people is very difficult.Only great leadership can do this, which means having to use the force of the law. Force accompanied by intelligence, that is, results and good intentions, make everyone not feel oppressed.

Practically Xi and the CCP are very advantaged, being undemocratic they can use a lot of force without any intelligence, but in the long run they will pay the price for the lack of progress.

IMO the problem is having an effective leadership that knows how to impose the necessary discipline to defeat the covid by applying force and intelligence for the good of people, without making them feel oppressed.

Good stay in CH and good luck MBA.

A warm greeting from nearby Italy.


ParlePark in reply to GioCas

Agreed Gio, well stated

" I do not understand the rationale for not wearing a mask"

I've explained it to you 3 times. What don't you understand?


After Crayon, You have to watch the video above or risk being banned again.

Juliegrace in reply to Despe

I thought you wrote that your relative recently died after contracting COVID, not from the vaccine.

Despe in reply to Juliegrace

Husband had the AZ vaccine. A few weeks later, his wife died of COVID (she didn't have the vaccine). Son also got infected and rushed to the hospital/ICU where he is there in critical condition. Husband also got sick, and all three were rushed to the hospital. Wife didn't make it (obese with diabetes), husband is still in the hospital and doesn't know wife passed away, they didn't tell him. He only knows that his son is in critical condition.

Smittybear7 in reply to Despe

I agree

Speaking for myself, I do.

What is it?

I’m Jewish and I find it offensive.

ParlePark in reply to Juliegrace

Juliegrace, I am offended as well, pathetic of Mercola to publish but frankly not surprised.

Despe in reply to Juliegrace

She lived the hell, Julie. You didn't.

Astra Zeneca had same problem in EU and was approved for use again after short delay. It's about liability too.

MBAnderson in reply to Sydney75

I suspect they will resume in one week or two.

jeffreyn in reply to MBAnderson

I suspect so too.

The following article has some good background info regarding the similar problem with the AstraZeneca vaccine (i.e. a combination of blood clots plus low platelet count, in very rare cases (1 per approx. 200,000 cases)).

A relative in Europe had the J&J vaccine. He got infected, passed it to his wife with underlying disease and obese and to his son. She passed away, husband is in the hospital, and son in ICU. Husband doesn't know his wife passed away. Son is in critical condition.

WinnieThePoo in reply to Despe

Sorry to hear of your family losses. I hope the husband and son recover.

However their illness was due to the virus and not the vaccine.

The vaccines take time to provide immunity and most require a 2nd shot to be fully effective. They mainly reduce the severity of the illness and do not stop it being caught or transmitted.

It wasn't the J&J vaccine. The first doses arrived in Europe today and were due to be administered from next Monday

Despe in reply to WinnieThePoo

You are right, sorry it was AZ. Son is still critical. All we know is that the father had the vaccine and transmitted it to the wife and son.

Hikoi in reply to Despe

How long between husband being vaccinated and wife becoming ill. ?

Despe in reply to Hikoi

A few weeks, I believe it was a month. Read Marc's link.

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

I'm sorry for your loss, but how is that even possible? It's not a live virus?

I wonder how many people are being infected as they queue for the vaccine in these places with high numbers of cases. Also I wonder what happens if you get vaccinated while already newly infected.

Take the vaccine with 5g of thiamine hcl....

Don't forget to wash them down with 24 tablets of ambroxol

I think you are spot on mark. It's arse covering because they will be directly blamed for vaccine deaths, but deaths from Covid are just statistics. We have the same nonsense in Europe with the AZ vaccine. In the UK 30 people out of 18 million vaccinated over 10 weeks developed the unusual blood clot and 7 of them died. During the same period 21000 people died of Covid in France. Yesterday 345 people died of Covid in France. As one of the French government ministers put it "Thats an Airbus 320 crashing with no survivors every day"

Every pharmaceutical company in the world would love such record for their drugs.

Why is this so hard to understand?

Proof that the vaccines are way for Bill Gates to surveil us. Here I am sitting in Solothurn watching Saturday Night Live on YouTube and all the pop-up commercials are in German. Somebody knows I'm here.

" Somebody knows I'm here."

another conspiracy theory MBA? I can't keep track anymore. Mercola, big pharma, Bill Gates, German secret police...the dreaded Geheime Staatspolizei .

For months, all the pop-up advertisements are in English. Then, on the day I turn my computer on in Switzerland, they all appear in German. That means a big Tech Data collector recognized the new location of my IP address and within 1 minute had sold that info to regional corporations.

No conspiracy, but it does mean there is no such thing as privacy and trying to protect one's privacy is like swatting at a fly on the ass of an elephant..

But, wait, now that I think about it, late in February, right after we were vaccinated, my wife was out walking the dog & came running in the house saying somebody was hiding in the bushes. I immediately got out a pair of binoculars, looked at the bushes and lo and behold there was Bill Gates with a pair of binoculars looking in our window. Then yesterday, here in Solothurn, when we went out for a walk, once again, there was Bill Gates, along with Dr. Fauci, hiding in the bushes with a notepad mumbling to himself in German.

How much more proof do you need?

Love to see that your humor and feisty spirit is intact!

I am less susceptible to conspiracy theories than ihr.

ihr? another conspiracy theory of yours?

Working on presentation re: DaTSPECT scan analysis. very surprised at the lack of substantive data that the NRads use to determine PD, ET or not. almost all are strictly visual assessment from an outmoded DICOM viwer. total lack of using the power of AI from what I can find. size of the sample population? can't find it.

MJF foundation and their PPMI database is slo-mo going nowhere. you have to "apply" to use it. only 500 in their PD cohort. apparently more interested "prodormal" types. hurdle after hurdle from these jokers. what business are they in?

bummer time


Despite the U.K. recording the 7 deaths, they didn’t suspend the AZ vaccine but are now advising I think that people under 30 will be offered alternative vaccines.

The advice given to the population here was put in perspective with figures about COVID deaths, and the blood clots from the disease.

They have now vaccinated more than half the U.K. and never suspended the vaccine despite quite a few EU countries doing it. Now offering it to the 45 - 50 ages, on course to have offered all adults their first jab by July, although they say are ahead on this.

I live in the UK, happily received the Astra Zeneca first dose after some blood clot findings cuz I know there’s a risk with every med. Will be happy to get 2nd dose when it’s my turn.

I’m having the second dose of my AZ vaccine next week, here in Scotland. No qualms, just gratitude.

"That means death to many times more than the one who has died so far."

Not for all age groups.

The problem is that with each passing month, new things are discovered about these vaccines. For example it would seem that they do not immunize and I wonder then why use them under the age of 50 that mortality is very low if all the long-term side effects are not yet known?

alexask in reply to GioCas

From twitter "John Francis Foley was a healthy 21-year-old pre-med student in Ohio. He received the @jnjnews vaccine Saturday. He was dead Sunday.

Keep talking about vaccine hesitancy, geniuses. The truth is the opposite: we have warp-sped these without ANY serious assessment of their risks. "

alexask in reply to alexask

And this guy states "These shots are not approvable on the math for other than materially-morbid individuals. "

MBAnderson in reply to GioCas

They used the age of 50 (after they used the age of 75, 70, 65, & 60,) because it is based on the supply of vaccine available. The older you are, the more vulnerable you are, so the oldest got vaccinated first and then the age comes down as more supply becomes available.

Despe in reply to MBAnderson

Yes, that is the way to rid of old people.

LAJ12345 in reply to Despe

I don’t agree. It’s just the danger of dying from the virus is greater than dying from the vaccine at older ages. You are 6 times more likely to get blood clots if you catch the virus! There isn’t enough of the other vaccines to do everyone in the world as quickly so the best option to save as many as possible is to use everything available so long as the risk of the vaccine is much less than risk of the virus.

The upside is that if these vaccines are abandoned it might mean third world countries get it cheap so more of them will be saved.

I think that they are worried about other side effects. Think a low dose aspirin when taking these may be preferable.

In Canada, the suspended the AZ for people under 55. And then left the rest of the doses for those of us between 55 and 65 to choose or wait. I am signed up at 2:15 today for my AZ. Wahoo! I smell freedom!

ion_ion in reply to PalmSprings

You dream freedom! That's all! Justin Mussolini loves dictatorship and throwing people in the detention camps.

MBAnderson in reply to ion_ion


ion_ion in reply to MBAnderson

So you do not know what Justin does to Canadian citizens entering the country legally? If you go to the gov site you'll find some exceptions from the rule like the non-citizens entering illegally.

Despe in reply to PalmSprings

Dream on. . .

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

Despe, Ask your own doctor. There is not a scientist or a doctor on earth who will say you can contract Covid from the vaccination. Not even one.

If Dr. Crayon who doesn't agree with me on anything, agrees with me on this, would you believe her?

Despe in reply to MBAnderson

Coincidence then.

Keep in mind that it will take a few weeks for your body to build immunity after getting a COVID-19 vaccination. As a result, it's possible that you could become infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 just before or after being vaccinated.

LAJ12345 in reply to Despe

Or most likely you pick it up while queuing for the vaccine with someone who is infected. That is the biggest danger I think.

Despe in reply to LAJ12345

Quite possible.

Despe in reply to LAJ12345

Did you get the vaccine, LAJ? Did you stand in line waiting for your turn?

LAJ12345 in reply to Despe

In NZ there is no community transmission so it would not matter here. I haven’t had it yet as it will be near the end of the year before it is available to me as I am in the last category of risk.I’ve just seen people on TV in other countries all queuing together

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

I agree. I was saying he did not get COVID from the vaccine.

By the way Marc, good luck with the second FUS!

We are anxiously wait for good news.

As for the vaccine everyone should have the freedom to take it or not.

As for the lockdowns they proved to be useless and terrorizing.

I respect all the rules and I wear a mask most of the time and I'm okay even I'm still working and interact with many people who some do not obey the rules.

Requiring the people to take 3 tests to enter their country and forcing them to stay in the detention "hotels" where they can get infected or blocking the inter-province travel is insane in a country whose leadership is more concerned about the human rights in China and Saudi Arabia.

Trudeau and Ford are two idiots who do not care about the Canadian citizens. They claim the previous lockdowns were too weak and that's why they did not work; as a result they keep tightening the screw turning the country into police state. And the results are the same.

But one day the thread will get stripped off.

Sydney75 in reply to ion_ion

I worry about excessive mandates too. If I were in my child bearing years I would take the chance and wait one year to see how this all works out. Typically any problems start to show up after a year and if it was "true" vaccine we would not need a booster. In my humble opinion this is similar to the flu shot and will be available every year. And yes I did have Covid in Feb and thank God it was not too bad, we have good antibodies too.

ion_ion in reply to Sydney75

A day later Trudeau and Ford renounced to use the police to enforce the lockdown rules after the police announced it won't do it and after the Civil Rights groups claimed that will apply too much stress on the illegal immigrants who will risk deportation.

MBAnderson in reply to ion_ion

Many think Helen is a forum administrator, whereas, actually, she is the CEO of Cure Parkinson's and only pops into the Parkinson's forum periodically to separate squabbling children. So long as a thread doesn't devolve into a crude argument, she leaves us alone.

pdpatient in reply to ion_ion

@ion_ion I respectfully disagree with your premise. I will go along with government / civil mandates as long as they are rooted in science with a proponent like Dr Faucci.

I speak from experience. Colleague of mine who is healthy, marine veteran and 30 years old refused to wear a mask and got Covid-19 after talking to his infected neighbor for five minutes. His neighbor was asymptomatic and right as my colleague was walking away the other guy got his test results - positive!! He had never let on that he was being tested.

With morons and fools like that, I am glad that my PwP induced social isolation began long ago 😂


ion_ion in reply to pdpatient

I totally agree with your 2nd paragraph; as for dr. Faucci I think he is confused

But the most important thing is we can respectfully disagree or agree.

pdpatient in reply to ion_ion

Of course @ion_ion. We might have disagreements, but unless a miracle happens, our Parkinson's condition will not go away 😇

ion_ion in reply to pdpatient

It is true, but as long as we do not get in disputes in the name of so called "public personalities" our PD will slow down.

It is funny, the admin corrected my above statement regarding Fauci - I said earlier he is "a confused buffoon" and was changed to "is confused".

I can't believe the West became so sensitive but for sure Darwin will take care of that.

The lack of freedom of speech was one of the reasons which put the communism down.

cclemonade in reply to pdpatient

I hope you don’t mind my asking but you said “colleague of mine” does that mean you are still working? Havent you had PD for a long time? I’m 45 and am debating how I am going to proceed with working and for how long.

pdpatient in reply to cclemonade

@cclemonade, yes I still am. Diagnosed in 2012. I still have to put my daughter through college.

Parkinson's is manageable if you're able to get the support of people around you and you are able to make some compromises. For example, I have stopped driving and I don't eat alone anymore, no matter how hungry I get. I never lock the bathroom door and never go for a walk alone.

I have been upfront with my employer about my condition and my team at a know that I have Parkinson's. So, they are aware that I have periodic issues. I work in information technology, so I guess I should thank my career choice.

Life is definitely tougher with Parkinson's and a full time job, no question. So long as someone is willing to give me a decent job, I will never stop working. I refuse to be defeated.


Marc, you must be kidding or going nuts in Switzerland, my good friend 🇨🇭😂.

Your buddy, Donnie 45, just validated your thesis 😩🥺😢. That seems so sinister. Just pulling your leg of course.

I hope that you got vaccinated before leaving. Don't forget to bring home some Swiss chocolates. I hear that PwP's love them 😂

BTW, what's up with the timing of your departure during the exact month that the good people in your home state are itching to bring heartache to President Biden?

Good luck with your FUS. Come back safe.


MBAnderson in reply to pdpatient

Minnesota heartache to the president? What are you referring to?

pdpatient in reply to MBAnderson

The post Floyd trial riots that Biden and his team are hoping doesn't happen. They are planning to activate the national guard in all 50 states.

You know that I am just kidding about your MIA right?

MBAnderson in reply to pdpatient

Yes, I know you're kidding.

If I were part of the Minnesota government, I would have been reminding people on a daily basis that whatever the outcome of the trial is, is on the jury.

The beauty of being tried by a "jury of your peers" is that it cuts both ways.

A declination to have a trial would be on the government. The outcome of the trial is on the people.

It is a racially mixed and age-mixed jury. However, juries do often get it wrong.

ion_ion in reply to MBAnderson

Sometimes jurors are not impartial or are intimidated by politicians like M.W.

I think part of the reason for the suspension is to make sure doctors know how to recognize and treat the condition. It may present as a bad headache, which some doctors might dismiss. It is possible there are more cases that have not been recognized. My sister had severe migraines and then had major strokes (not covid or vaccine related). There was apparently evidence she had previously suffered from mini-strokes which had gone unrecognized.

Treatment for this condition with heparin - which is standard for most clotting problems - can actually make it worse. I have heard a number of reputable sources say that this is likely one of the reasons for the pause - to make sure doctors are aware of the problem so they know not to treat with heparin.

I made an appt last Thursday night and got my first Moderna dose the next day. There were lots of open appt slots. No vaccine shortage here in NC.

Most meaningful contribution I can make to this issue are these 2 videos.

Hey, I'm retired. I can watch whatever I want.


Monday 4/20/2021 pm

You are correct in your assertion (one cannot get Covid from the vaccine). But you can get reinfected and die if you are vaccinated possibly due to the vaccine.

CDC says at least 6,000-10,000 people in US have become infected after receiving one of the vaccines. Data is lacking specificity because states generate the data from local health county health departments whose reporting varies in quality.

So far, 3,486 deaths have occurred (reported) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. (no distinction among vaccines deaths by vaccine is available.)

12% of deaths were not related to Covid per se implying they were possibly not related to the vaccine although the opposite is also possible.

45% of the reported post vaccine infections were among people ≥60 years of age which means younger age cohorts played a much bigger role than anticipated.

All of this info is based on the CDC Covid Adverse event report (VAERS) which also states:

#1... 7 day moving average of new cases is rising, but deaths are in decline

#2... VARIANTS (especially B.1.1.7) so far officially account for at least 25,000 cases out of 32 million cases. (this estimate is obviously severely understating the problem given several contributing factors)

Crayola Lady and just the facts.

"Facts" Lady,

Each and every time, without exception, I've asked any anti-Covid vaxxer, such as yourself, for links to their sources, I've never gotten an answer.

Hence forth, I consider any argument/statistics cited without links to a source to be just so much unsubstantiated blather pulled straight out of one's ear -- not worth reading.

I have a second question which will also go on unanswered. If you decline the vaccination and then infect someone who dies, would/should you feel responsible?

Let me make the question simpler. If, because of your behavior, say you are driving drunk

and kill someone, would/should you feel/be responsible?

What, really, is the difference?


for the 7th time, I'm NOT anti-vax or anti-mask.

as for citations, get off your bean bag and do some intellectual work for a change.

go to the cdc web site. dig through their data. I have done it for you time after time. you don't need a citation to find the CDC website. you are just extremely lazy.

as to your question, of course if you "knowingly" were infected. if you do not know you are infected for any number of valid reasons, then no.

your DWI example is flawed. you are no legal beagle!


Your word choice " . . . no distinction among vaccines deaths. . ." as you well know will cause some to think the vaccine caused these deaths -- which is false.

No matter how you blow it off, bottom line; that you still will not cite and quote from your sources -- means you don't have any.

Covid vaccinations are safer than Parkinson's pharmaceuticals.

MAXINE said:

". no distinction among vaccines deaths. . ." as you well know will cause some to think the vaccine caused these deaths -- which is false. "

Sorry Maxine, but you are wrong. the vaccines have caused deaths, (677 in last 60 days in the US; 56% by Moderna, 36% by Pfizer) without any doubts, but statistically less than in 1% per CDC stats.

Per CDC, 61,167 serious events from vaccinations (7.92% of total AEs) have occurred as of 4/10.

the CDC data comes from the CDC VAERS (WONDER) reporting system which has several flaws but which is updated routinely/

Have someone go to the CDC website for you. SEARCH for VAERS or VAERS WONDER. open these files.

VAERS data only refers to US vaccine deaths or serious events.


Whose Maxine?

pdpatient in reply to ParlePark

The right honorable Representative Maxine Waters🙏😂

It is a play on a a name associated with someone typically causing controversy (aka Maxine Waters)

MBAnderson in reply to ParlePark

Ms. Crayola has bought into the cult.

The reason I asked you to post links and quote from those links is because it is a huge website and impossible to match your re-phrasing with the content you are referring to.

Just as I suspected.

The CDC says there is no proof of a causal relationship.

"A total of 113 deaths were reported to VAERS, including 78 (65%) among LTCF residents; available information from death certificates, autopsy reports, medical records, and clinical descriptions from VAERS reports and health care providers did not suggest any causal relationship between COVID-19 vaccination and death. "


"Fact Check-VAERS data does not prove thousands died from receiving COVID-19 vaccines"

"Viral Posts Misuse VAERS Data to Make False Claims About COVID-19 Vaccines"

Unless you are willing to substantiate your numbers, I will continue to consider your posts 'hair on fire' hysteria.

Madam Hysteria,

"Distortions of Science" is a joke written by morons.

""Viral Posts Misuse VAERS Data to Make False Claims About COVID-19 Vaccines""

another one of your too numerous conspiracies from the dufuses at's juvenile minds

You are falsifying data to scare people.

Reuters, the business journal a conspirator? Reuters says your numbers are false.

Despe in reply to MBAnderson

You may check it yourself, Marc. :)

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

It provides data on side effects. Everyone knows there are side effects for a small %.

Every foreign molecule produces side effects in some. Not a very good reason to not be vaccinated, IMO.

I have not seen one person change their view in this pro/anti vaccination discussion even though a lot of good points worthy of contemplation have been made on both sides, (but mostly on the pro side) which reinforces for me the belief that people take a position based primarily on their political and cultural affinities.

Data, evidence, science, facts, and truth are no longer sacred, as now large percentage of US population openly mock and disdain science. We use to debate the worthiness of opinions. Now, we debate the worthiness of facts. Mind you, this is different than disagreeing on what the facts are. This is disagreeing on the value facts.

You cannot talk someone out of something they have not been talked into.

"US population openly mock and disdain science."

due to Fuaci's ongoing incompetence and consistent "flip-flopping".

Despe in reply to sharoncrayn

Isn't he the CREATOR?

from your conspiracy bible, NYTimes....Thursday, April 22, 2021 and April 20

Do We Still Need to Keep Wearing Masks Outdoors?

On the issue of outdoor mask wearing, it helps to review a basic fact: There are few if any documented cases of brief outdoor interactions leading to Covid transmission.

Dr. Ashish Jha, the dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health, told CNN last weekend, “We’ve known for a year that outdoor infections are extremely rare.”

" now that the vaccination drive is underway, the expectation of universal outdoor masking “almost becomes ridiculous,” Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease doctor at the University of California, San Francisco, told Slate. Dr. Gandhi isn’t alone: Several epidemiologists have called for an end to outdoor mask mandates, which some 24 states still have in place."

According to a systematic review of peer-reviewed research published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, the odds of indoor transmission are about 19 times as great as the odds of outdoor transmission.

"Recently the online magazine Slate stirred controversy when it suggested an end to outdoor mask rules. The article won support from top public health experts and even The New England Journal of Medicine blog but prompted a fierce backlash from readers, who noted that while the risk of outdoor transmission may be low, it’s not zero."

"To understand just how low the risk of outdoor transmission is, researchers in Italy used mathematical models to calculate the amount of time it would take for a person to become infected outdoors in Milan. They imagined a grim scenario in which 10 percent of the population was infected with the coronavirus. Their calculations showed that if a person avoided crowds, it would take, on average, 31.5 days of continuous outdoor exposure to inhale a dose of virus sufficient to transmit infection."

“The results are that this risk is negligible in outdoor air if crowds and direct contact among people is minimal..."


A Troubling Sign

For the first time since the pandemic began, children's share of weekly COVID-19 cases topped 20% in the United States, according to a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children's Hospital Association.

Cumulative (since Jan of 2019) cases of COVID-19 in children exceed 3.6 million which is 13.6% of the total reported among all ages, and the overall rate of coronavirus infection is 4,824 cases per 100,000 children in the population according to the AAP and CHA.

Mortality still remains extremely low for children for now.



New Admissions of Patients with Confirmed COVID-19

August 1, 2020 – April 20, 2021

Patients Currently Hospitalized with COVID on 4/20/21


New Admissions on 4/20/21


Peak in New Admissions (1/5/21)


Change in 7-Day Average of New Admissions


Current 7-Day Average of New Admissions (4/14/21 - 4/20/21)


Prior 7-Day Average of New Admissions (4/7/21 - 4/13/21)


why is 7 day average increasing if vaccines work?

Even you should know that's because people of a particular political persuasion must pay homage by not following health guidelines.

If only we could inject everyone with bleach or get sunlight into the body, there would be no problem.

Everyone should go to YouTube and put in "anti-mask Karen."

P.S. Was the election stolen?

Despe in reply to MBAnderson

Always, politically provocative. :)

ion_ion in reply to Despe

As we respect everybody's political options we should also respect the everybody's right to be or not to be vaccinated.

Despe in reply to ion_ion

You are right, Ion! :) What is the use of having the "vaccine" if you have to follow guidelines you did before "vaccination"?

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

The use is; 1) you are less likely get Covid, 2) if you do get it, it will not be as severe, 3) fewer people that are vaccinated, the more variants, 4) you are much less likely ruin someone else's life, 5) pandemic ends sooner & the economy comes back sooner.

MBAnderson in reply to Despe

It is simply a test question -- to measure the level of crazy.

ion_ion in reply to MBAnderson

Marc, how things are going in Switzerland?

MBAnderson in reply to ion_ion


Boring. 10 days of quarantine, but we cheated after we got an antigen test on day seven. We play a lot of Scrabble.

Been going for a walk along the (Aare) river to the old town section every day. Beautiful, old, quaint city with narrow, little cobblestone streets. Mountains in the background. Very picturesque. Few people speak English.

Not getting enough clean food, exercise or sleep, tho. Got a bottle of Valerian Root. $41. Everything is seriously expensive here. Chocolate is good, of course.

How are you doing?


Women get vaccinated at a higher rate than men.

Why do you think that is? Simple answer; Machismo is inversely related to IQ.

"In Los Angeles County, where 44 percent of women over 16 have gotten their first shot — compared with 30 percent of men..." even tho "The gap exists even as Covid-19 deaths worldwide have been about 2.4 times higher for men than among women."

"Public health and academic experts have been long concerned with the “macho” effect that prevents men from getting all sorts of health care, and fear that it might be exacerbated with this vaccine. (Notably, in the most male service branch of the military, the Marines, about 40 percent of those who were offered the vaccine by the Defense Department have turned it down.)"

"Women are on average more likely to get annual physicals than men, even when adjusted for pre-existing health conditions and other factors, and are more likely than men to get preventive care."

The darker answer; Men are less concerned for the wellbeing of their family and others

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