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PD caused by fungus?

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Fungus Among Us: High Ochratoxin A Found in People with Parkinsonism


Any comment from this wonderful community?

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This is an amazing find Somic. I wonder what antifungal treats ochratoxin a. Never hurts to try such an antifungal to see what if any effects it has.

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It seems to be true based on Laurie's research.

I am in India, no doctor here will test for these things. They will write you a L-dopa pill and send you on your way

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Somic67 in reply to JayPwP

India? Interesting.

Have you ever heard about this doctor and clinic?

i did an exploration with him in 2015 but was not convinced to try. (may be i missed an opportunity.)



he claims: "The powerful effect of the Ayurvedic cure developed by Dr. Paneri is that it addresses the cause, and not the symptom, of Parkinson's disease. Without this subtle understanding of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and their origins, it is not possible for Western medicine to develop an effective cure. Dr. Paneri has experienced great success in the remission of Parkinson's symptoms, and in many cases, the cure itself, after which the patient is no longer required to take any type of medication to remain free of Parkinson's disease.

First improvements are usually seen within 8 to 10 months, and 1 to 4 years later, the disease disappears 90% to 99%. The medicines do not have to be taken again. Referrals from cured patients and patients currently under treatment around the world are available through Dr. Paneri."

i'm interest to your comments

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JayPwP in reply to Somic67

I read about him a few years ago but I was not convinced, sounded too good to be true. Maybe I should try

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If elevated levels of urinary OTA are found, there are a number of safe treatments that should be considered to lower the body burden of this mycotoxin. The most important are the avoidance of further exposure and the use of the bile acid resin binding agent, cholestyramine, to decrease enterohepatic recirculation of OTA. Studies have shown that animals fed a diet of OTA plus cholestyramine had a significant shift of OTA from the plasma and urine to the stool, where it is presumably excreted bound to cholestyramine [74]. This will safely reduce the burden on the kidneys as cholestyramine is not absorbed systemically and remains in the gastrointestinal tract. Side effects, which are primarily limited to the gastrointestinal tract, must be considered as well as the timing of cholestyramine away from medications and vitamins, primarily fat soluble vitamins. Many patients tolerate the pure resin better than the commercial prescription prepared with sugar, artificial colors, and a number of additives. As a number of patients with kidney disease also have hyperlipidemia, cholestyramine could potentially beneficial for its lipid lowering effect.

Other potential sequestrant treatments include the use of charcoal which is included in the military textbook recommendations for exposure to trichothecene mycotoxins which has been associated with Yellow Rain exposure [77]. Clay and zeolite have been studied for their efficacy of mycotoxin binding in animals [78, 79] and likely have a use in human illness caused by mycotoxins including OTA.

The use of licorice extract and melatonin was mentioned earlier in this paper and require further study, but may offer a safe option for reducing the toxicity of ochratoxin. There is some evidence that sauna shifts the excretion of ochratoxin to sweat; however, use of sauna needs to be very carefully monitored, especially on initiation. Antioxidants, including glutathione, are also likely to be helpful for their antioxidant and detoxification effects [23]. Vitamins A, C, E and selenium are other potentially beneficial antioxidants that may be protective in their role as superoxide anion scavengers [22, 75].

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I wonder if the urinary metabolites of Parkinson’s medications have been shown to cause no interference with the assay.

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Somic67 in reply to Friend70

good questions but not sure it may be. mold and fungus suffer bacteria (natural enemies) and pH (alcaline for the most of the human fungus)

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Somic67 in reply to Friend70

I misunderstood your comment and made mine not very relevant to it.

My apologies.

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This amazing idea i have fungus infaction for many years so my pd becuse of that???

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Somic67 in reply to Bijiez

i read a story of a woman infected by candida from her husband with PD who developped a cronic fatigue syndrome. healed with a rigorous diet sugar and carbo free (mold and fungus eat sugars)

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Sidnet M. Baker, MD, would concur.

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Here is a test you can have done through a functional doctor.


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PDWarrior1900 in reply to LAJ12345

thanks for the link --

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Gut fungi and brain function

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Another PD Fungus Link:


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PDWarrior1900 in reply to JayPwP

thanks for the post and link!

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Interesting since I had candida 4 yrs. prior to first notice of Parkinson’s symptoms. I wonder if fungi has anything to do with my Parkinson’s. The candida is completely gone through raw veg diet no sugar and blessed thistle.

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Astra7 in reply to Erniediaz1018


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Bolt_Upright in reply to Erniediaz1018

Hello Ernie, I was all excited and now afraid to ask: How has your PD been since you cleared up the candida? Thanks.

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Erniediaz1018 in reply to Bolt_Upright

I have tremor dominant Parkinson’s on my right side and everything else that comes with it but trying my best to eat as clean as I can and walking for exercise. Some good days and some difficult days but keeping hopeful

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Some fungus /fungi are almost impossible to get rid of . I think maybe fungicides are intended to prevent not eradicate. My toes and my own little fungus go back 50 years together. I am always open for suggestions but my expectation of positive results is not that high.

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chartist in reply to Gymsack

Grapefruit Seed Extract liquid can be used topically and orally to go after the nail fungus from inside out and outside in. It has to be significantly diluted for either application. It can work faster than the dangerous oral antifungal medications and it is nowhere near as harsh on the body. Here is a link to a product that I use :



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