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Taking natural approach to Parkinsons

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I am 78 and was diagnosed with PD about 3 yrs ago. I have chosen to stay away from Sinemet due to many problems and the fact that it doesn't keep working. I am taking 40% mucuna pruriens, 4 capsules 3 times daily, as well as amino acids, liposomal glutathione and B vitamins...plus magnesium & other immune system supplements.

Any advice as to dosage, time of day to take MP, use of tyrosine, etc., would be very much appreciated. I do have some tremors but not terrible, & sometimes hard hiccups & vomiting from MP. Maybe I am taking it incorrectly? I was taking it mixing the powder with liquid, but now pit it into capsules as I could not tolerate the taste!

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I started out trying this approach when first diagnosed a year and a half ago, but there is so much conflicting info of what to take and amounts. Still not taking Sinemet, but getting to that point. Interested to see if anyone has had success and their protocol.

My partner is 73 and was diagnosed with PD 2 years ago. He was taking Prolopa 3 times a day but suffered from orthostatic hypotension and significant problems sleeping. He decided to replace the mid day and evening dose of Prolopa with Mucunia Puriens - Gradually switching over a period of several weeks. He also takes one teaspoon of Mannitol morning and evening. He is now down to 125mg of Prolopa in the morning and one capsule of MP at mid day and evening. He has not had any hypotension incidents since reducing the Prolopa and is also sleeping much better. His tremor (in right hand mainly) is certainly no worse. So, the experience to date has been positive. He also takes 5-HT, Q10 and some B12 supplements. The mannitol has also eliminated constipation.

I believe 12 MP capsules is a lot of dopa. Older patients should start with low doses of l-dopa and gradually increase it until they find the right dose. It's a trial/error procedure. How do you feel taking 12 capsules a day? What brand of MP?

I think the sinamet keeps working, but the job it has to do gets harder as the body produces less and less dopamine. I’m not sure the MP is any different really.

Staying away from Sinemet because of its side effects is good thinking, but does the mucuna not have side effects as well?

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Hi ! Right now I upped my mucuna fromBanyan 5 to 7% dopa =about 25 mg dopa to SOLRAY 40%, 4 pills 3 times a day, and add the Banyan as needed. I understand that the body has to build up a tolerance otherwise nausea develops. I've been lucky and haven't had that issue. My mucuna are also tasteless. I even just chew my Banyan. Also, make sure your brand is trustworthy.

Sinemet has known benefits and known side effects, and has been in use for nearly 40 years. Instead you opt for substances with doubtful benefits and unknown side effects ?

I think you need to think it out aagain,

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Beckey in reply to condor39

But mucuna pruriens has been in use for centuries.

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condor39 in reply to Beckey

The only thing going for it , is that Mucunã contains L Dopa, but in widely varying amounts.

Why not just take the L Dopa? The dose then can be exact, and the side effects are all well known.

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Beckey in reply to condor39

Sinemet was a horror for me. Ghastly side effects. The dopa mucuna I take is standardized (NOW brand). At some point it may indeed quit working and I will have to be willing to take another shot at the pharmaceuticals, but I can't say it's not a scary proposition.

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condor39 in reply to Beckey

There are two meds in Sinemet, you could have got side effects from either.

Next time I would try a very small dose of Madopar (Called Prolopa in Canada) The L Dopa is the same in both, but the other substance is different.

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Beckey in reply to condor39

Thanks, Condor. Much appreciated.

Sounds like the Hinz protocol? It seems to work differently for different people. The MP is nasty too.. For me the MP Never got where it needed to go.

The taste is ghastly! I take the capsules.

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justhavefun2 in reply to Beckey

Are the capsules as effective? It makes me gag drinking it with tea, coffee, fruit/veggie juice. 🤢

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Beckey in reply to justhavefun2

I started taking 2 capsules three times a day. Now I take four capsules three times a day. No taste.

sin =without, emetic = vomiting

There is a reason why its called sinemet

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