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Discontinuing Acarbose


My orthostatic and postprandial hypotensions:

I have continued to study Acarbose. The words Acarbose and Pharmacokinetics are useful. What Acarbose does is redistribute when sugar is released. That process provides a continuous supply of sugar, which is a primary inducer of postprandial hypotension [Vloet at al 2001].

My crisis yesterday and days of diminishing motor skills seems largely upon ongoing ingestion of Acarbose. Please remove Acarbose from my list of prescribed medications. Eating selectively from the sugar-overloaded offerings is more efficatious and safer.

I noticed early in trying Acarbose that a sugar stupor would occur at wrong times, ie, other than postprandially. My hunch is that, as the sugar, fat, and protein content of meals changes (breakfast =/= lunch =/= supper), various food particles containing sugar are bound differently, then released at times not convenient to me.


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