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Is ther any different between syndopa@275 and syncapone125?


Hello doc and friend

My mother was take medicine for Parkinson and she was take "Cadnail" for treatments but today cardinal is not mor available in pharmacy so the doc told her use syncapone125 and we didn't found it in pharmacy we found syndopa@275

So i just wont to ask if any different?

Cus she refuse to take it ?

Sorry if my English not good i hope that you understand my question!!

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These are different. Syndopa 275 is an immediate release version and is likely to be way too strong for her. The CR version is likely to be better for her. Syndopa CR comes in a 200/50 dosage. Starting with a low dosage - half a tablet - probably best. Never crush these or any time-release medication.

mstfa in reply to park_bear

Hi thanks for replying

What is CR version is ?

By the way she never trusted in what we say ..

and we didn't found a llot of medcin her in pharmacy in sudan ..

Any way

park_bear in reply to mstfa

CR stands for controlled release. Depending on manufacturer can also be called sustained-release or extended-release. What this means is the medication is released slowly rather than all at once.

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