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Fat and gastric emptying

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Gastric half emptying time was significantly slower for the high-carbohydrate meal than for the high-fat meal, P=0.0327. Fullness significantly correlated with gastric volumes for both meals; however, the change from baseline in fullness scores was higher for the high-fat meal for any given change in stomach volume (P=0.0147), despite the lower energy content and faster gastric emptying of the high-fat meal.


Fat empties faster : Effect of meal volume and calorie load on postprandial gastric function and emptying: studies... - Abstract - Europe PMC.


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But see:

Fat preload delays gastric emptying: reversal by cisapride.

Stacher G, et al.

Br J Clin Pharmacol. 1990 Dec;30(6):839-45.


[open access]

So...if I have slow gastro-motility issues, I should have more fat than carbohydrates in order to empty my stomach into intestines faster? But the post below you added says a fat pre-load slows things... I'm a little confused!

Gastric emptying literature is complex. I have no easy answer.

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