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Inflammatory arthritis

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This is the diagnosis that my rheumatologist is calling what I have. Just what the heck does that mean? I am currently on the flu no mind having tried methotrexate. Methotrexate compromised my liver function. Leflunomide seems to be working somewhat but I'm not free and clear of all symptoms. I have Gene marker HLA B27. My rheumatologist isn't giving me any other diagnosis I was wondering if anyone else just has inflammatory arthritis

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Yes that was me until today. Undifferentiated Inflammatory Polyarthritis was my diagnosis in Rheumatology terms. Kind of an umbrella term that covers all types of inflammatory arthritis. Then as you are treated, as new symptoms appear and if new things show up in your bloods, then you may get closer to a diagnosis.

This usually doesn't change the treatment path. I've had hydroxychloroquine, Sulphasalazine and Methotrexate - all not suitable. The hydroxychloroquine was awesome, but I was allergic after a while. Next is Leflumonide. Starts on Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

My rheumatologist sent me an email today saying she thinks I have seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. She has come to this after treating me for a year and a half. I have just had a heap of specific tests for lots of different antibodies. I don't know what she tested for and I don't get the results. I have no idea why she thinks this now. It won't change my treatment path. V

Having this "diagnosis" feels strange, as I have some things that don't fit with RA. At least with a diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis you can write off most aches and pain to arthritis in general. I have been told that my arthritis flares up and then I get symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Treat the arthritis and the Fibro will go too. It worked on hydroxychloroquine for me. I took up hydrotherapy to strengthen my body to help too.

Don't get too frustrated. You are lucky you have your condition greatly improved by meds.

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Thanks so very much for reply. Extremely helpful and reassuring!!!!! Happy Holiday! Usha

Hi Grace

I was diagnosed with inflammatory arth also at initial visit. From what I understood initially from rheum doc this was the term used if you have seroneg. RA--that is known from blood testing. But at last appt he had written polyarthritis. From an MRI it is known that I have bone erosions which goes with RA and not osteoarth. So I am given the same medications as those with RA diagnosis. I live in the US but I would think all countries would folow the same guidelines for determining a diagnosis. I am surprised that you had gene testing. Did you have to pay for that yourself? I don't think it would be covered in US Unfortunately I don't think we are free and clear of all symptoms no matter what drug but I hope I am wrong on that

I worry most about my chidrem and grandchildren hoping they don't have my genes! As I have 3 autoimmune diseases.

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Thanks Gloria!!!! Very helpful! Yes I paid for my gene testing. Although I take leflunomide I still have some symptoms.guess I need to come to terms with that. All the best to you and thanks for your kindness in writing!!! Usha

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