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To old for this

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Hi I am a wife and mother of 4. I don’t know what kind of arthritis that I have but I do not have any family for any kind of support systems which I know are very important when dealing with a lot of pain and stress issues. I Have found that I am allergic to a lot of other arthritis medications all NSAIDS are what I cannot take Bc I can’t breathe when I have tried them. I stopped going to dr.s a long time ago and have in the recent years Bc of the pain and depression that goes along with it have been starting to seek help again. I have hip dypspla in both hips and a very low immunity for some reason. I have to take care of 2 little ones with little to no help from anyone but my husband who works and isn’t doing all that well either. I used to feel like an addict just trying to get any pain relief so I could work and take care of my family when I was younger but now I see life a little differently than that considering I am allergic to what I need to take. I wished there was something out there that would work for me but honestly I don’t feel there is. I would like to know if there is someone else who is going through these issues as well.

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You've come to the right place, oldmama42. 😌 🤗

Abundant support at this forum, Cure Arthritis ( ), & these forums as well:


🗣 Arthritis Action:


Many, many people to commune with 🤝 , share thoughts 🤔💭 & experiences with . . . and even share a laugh 🤡 😄 . . .

You need never feel alone 😔 (nor unsupported 😧 ) again, dear lady. 👭👫👯

Always someone round to lend a caring 😌 , listening ear. 👂

Wishing you the very best. 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


Kind regards, ☺️



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oldmama42 in reply to Kai--

Thank you for your kind words sometimes that’s all someone needs.

Search for videos from Dr Brooke Goldner on YouTube and watch them. Its harder with a family to chg your diet but worth a try if you can do it.

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Kai-- in reply to MarshaM


👉 Dr Brooke Goldner on YouTube:

👉 Goodbye Lupus by Brooke Goldner, M.D. YouTube channel (click "Video" tab for full list):

👉 Supplementally, Dr. Brooke Goldner's Free 3-Day Webinar, '6 Steps to Reversing Autoimmune Disease with Supermarket Foods': August 3/Thu, 7/Mon, 10/Thu 2017:


🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


Excellent recommendation, MarshaM❣️ 🤗

[Hoping 🙏 Sept. visit went well 😌 , MM, with continued improvements 📈 along the way. ☺️ ]


I’m going to do this thank you guys

God Bless


Mary 🐥

Thank you

Bless your heart.. I'm not on ra meds right now. My story is a little different. I was diagnosed in 2011 with ra and Sjögren's. It was also very active. I was on several different meds and either they were not strong enough or I would get a uti or bronchitis..I was finally put on Actemra but within a year of being on it I had 4 uti's which one went septic. I had pneumonia four times and June of 2016 I went to my dr thinking I had a pulled a muscle in my upper back. It was not a pulled muscle.. I had a huge mass on my left lung and was hospitalized for three days then sent home with two different antibiotics back to back and it was still there. My pulmonary dr did a bronchoscopy and said my lungs were full of mucus and cleaned them out. All test came back it was pneumonia but it was a huge mass of it. I was in the hospital around five times from June to October. From October to feb I had the flu three times. I was sent to a immunologist to try and see why my immune system just stopped working. I was sent to Vanderbilt with absolutely no answers and a immunologist in johnson city did test after test and found the reason. The biologics that I was on destroyed 96% of antibodies the body makes to fight infections. I was immediately taken off Actemra and started on gamunex which is an artificial immune system. I have to have a infusion every week for the rest of my life and my ra dr said it was gonna be a long time before Im put back on biologics and maybe never. I've been off the biologics for a year and my ra is beginning to come out like a lion. My fingers and knuckles are very swollen and tender. Pericarditis has hit me about three times now and that is soooooooooo painful and I stay so fatigued also. It's getting to me mentally now. My life has been taken over by ra. I set in the house everyday. I feel like my friends has totally forgot about me and I'm always seeing pics of them on fb eating together and yes I cry cause that hurt me very bad. I just feel like I'm existing and that's it. Sometimes it's very very depressing. Between hurting like crazy and the fatigue and just feeling no one cares I wonder if death is better than me living. I'm not living.. I'm just existing. Your not alone.. I promise...

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oldmama42 in reply to Kchurch91

To be honest if the creator hadn’t sent me an angel to care for I wouldn’t be here today. So I am meant to be here if nothing more to care for my angel that has seizures but I am starting to hurt again so much it’s not a very nice time here esp with Washington weather I believe that is why it’s getting worse for me anyways. So where are you from?

Dear K and oldmama

My heart goes out to you both.

May God Bless you both with His healing and Peace.

××× ♡

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