RA and Vasculitis connection?

Hello, my first post.. my history is in my profile, but short story is diagnosed with RA in 2008. In remission for long periods and 2 years ago had huge flare. Since then have continued with hydroxychloroquine, added tablet methotrexate about a year ago. Now using injections of methotrexate, 100 units once a week. Folic acid, of course. Last fall symptoms of Sjogrens started with a bang. The RA seems to be managed well, but the Sjogrens symptoms are causing me grief every day. The dry, gritty red eyes, no moisture left at all in mouth, dry lips and tongue sores. Have finally got dental insurance this month, but I know there has been damage... I treat my symptoms with all known treatments, some days it flares and nothing seems to help. I did get a prescription for pilocarpine recently. Alhough the effects wear off in 5-6 hours, it has really helped a lot. In fact, a few days ago I awoke to a drool covered pillow!! Sorry, TMI..? . I have had two TIA's recently. I am also an insulin dependent diabetic and have had HepC for 30 years. Treatment pending on that. But after the small strokes, I had mention of Vasculitis by family. I see my RA doc next month and will update him. I have no confidence in my GP at this point and am switching. Same clinic, but with doc who treated a sinus problem recently and gave me full attention. It was like night and day, his concern, caring and skills. My GP I have used for many years has become very dismissive and seems overwhelmed by my case. She means no harm, but I need a proactive GP who listens. It was hard though, I didn't want to offend her.. it felt awkward, but I must do what is the best for myself. Sorry for rambling, I will try to post in a timely manner... so, connection for autoimmune and Vasculitis anyone?? Thanks

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  • Vasculitis can be associated with several autoimmune diseases such as: RA, PR, Behcet's etc. It's not common (<200,000 cases a year in US) and is a known complication. Like most autoimmune diseases it can attack a single organ or be more systemic.

  • Vascultitis can happen to RA pt. They think i have both. Its not very common.

  • I had a flare up of (undiagnosed) vasculitis about a month ago. Have RAW and possibly Sjogrens. No history of vasculitis in family. I am on Methotraxate. Worried it might be the mess. It has since gone away.

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