Reverse Osteoporosis By Eating Egg Shell

Reverse Osteoporosis By Eating Egg Shell

RA patients usually take steroid at certain stage during our medical treatment process. Steroid generally causes bone loss in our body hence we need to address this issue. Good suggestion in the video that I like to share with all of you, it said by eating egg shell, it will increase our bone density and will reverse osteoporosis.

I am certainly going to try this out as recently I am diagnosed with osteopenia. I like to address this before it is too late.

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  • Of course if people stop drinking cows milk and related dairy products that will help reduce osteoporosis. Dairy has been linked to acidosis which then draws the calcium out of your bones.

    Instead try drink almond / soya milk. All the benefits and non of the drawbacks.

  • Thanks for the link. It is very informative and I did come across a lot others similar links too. It is very hard to believe all the information online but we have to decide wisely.

  • Can't have either . :(

  • I'm allergic to soy but I bought some coconut milk the other was good mixed with my protein supplement. I try not to eat anything injected with hormones and antibiotics this day in time . ...

  • I thought normally people allergy to dairy not soy milk? It is very unfortunate for you really. I love dairy but I cut them down almost totally. I try soy at time.

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