Hi all

Sorry we have to be here but I'm glad there's some place to go where people understand

I've had ra for 4 years now and know I had it a lot longer then that

My sister has had it about 17 years

I had a bad reaction to humans now I'm afraid to take any of the shots

Have terrible panic attacks from it

It hit my nervous system and lots of other stuff to

Mx made me sick

I take low dose prednisone

So I'm now off eating sugar and I swim and walk my dog and do all my own house work and cook

I have deformed thumbs and erosive joints

My sedate rate was 87 last week

I'm trying to stay positive

Wish there was some miracle cure for us that didn't have such side effects

Can't take anti inflamitories I've had bleeding ulcers before

Ra effects everything

Sorry for going on and on

I don't tell my problems cause I hear I have it in my knees, even though I know that hurts too ,I wish that's the only place I had pain

God bless us cathy

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  • Hi Cathyvasko,

    Be positive and continue your active lifestyle. My own experience is a lot of walking help us to recover very fast. I experience that after my 8 days Japan trip last year Apr. I was then 10 months since my treatment. I was still not able to sit on the floor and not able to squat down. But after the trip, I was really tired after the 8 whole days walking around, I rested for a few days. Then I suddenly found myself stronger throughout and the pain was very much reduce too.

    Do continue your walking daily and do not forget to take your med accordingly. You will be fine. Talk to your doctor honestly if you have any problem.

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