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Hi my name is Amanda. I was DX with RD in September 2014. It was a long road to get here. I first was DX has stress/depression that was treated for two years but I never seemed to improve after many medication changes and increased pain I was DX with Fibromyalgia was treated with more antidepressants then finely one day at my wit's end I went to my PCP and demanded an answer something was going on and was so fatigued I could hardly funtion. My feet hurt so bad swollen and red I couldn't walk. He finally sent me to a rheumatologist. I was in a bad flair the day we met in her office I was in tears. She agreed right away I had RA after testing and x-rays,m y journey began. I started on Prednisone and embrel I began to feel better in about a month or so. I was on this for about 16 months but it stopped working I was having increased pain and frequent flairs. So now I'm on xeljanz XR so far no improvement but I have to give it two months per my rheumy. I do have tramadol and in worst cases Tylenol three's. I have enjoyed this group reading all you post makes me feel like I'm not alone in this battle. Almost all you have shared I can relate. Thank you for sharing. Gentel hug's to everyone.

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  • Hi Amanda,

    Glad your here with us, sad you have R/A. I have to say R/A is probably one of the most unforgiving painful diseases out there. I wonder why your Rheumatoligist hasn't tried Methotrexate with you. It has helped so many people in the past and has been the standard to start by, where most Rheumatoligist begin along with folic acid. I'm thinking you maybe you will not be able to tolerate it??? If you think you can, maybe consider that if the xeljanz XR doesn't work. Maybe more Prednisone would help along with a good anti-inflammatory??? As far as the pain meds go, you are taking the weak ones, please know I'm not a drug pusher or drug seeker, I'm a pain relief seeker. But you might want to consider a stronger pain med until you find the combination of meds to get your R/A under control. This stuff is not fun and any relief is a welcomed thing. Hope this helps a little, keep plowing forward, relief Lord willing will come soon.



  • Hi Amanda, I'm sorry you are having to deal with all this pain and the drugs not working well. I agree with Brian, maybe stronger pain meds would help you during the day. I have tried many and found I have to maintain a balance of being honest with the doctor, if I get to used to a medicine I tell them and reduce my meds for a month so they work good long term. Methotrexate has been the only medicine that has kept me going. I hope you find some relief soon. Hugs

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