RA veteran

I was sick for many years initially with

pain all over me, flu feeling, & severe

fatigue. These episodes left me so sick I was bedridden. I started on Naprosyn & this worked so well controlling my symptoms. The symptoms came back off & on at which time I visited a rheumatologist who felt my symptoms were similar to Lupus.  Then in the summer of 2011 my tests turned positive for rheumatoid arthritis.  Since then I have been on Prednisone, Medrol, Remicade, and now will be on Orencia in a few weeks. My rheumatologist believes I am a rheumatoid arthritis patient with an overlap of Lupus.  Anyone else with these two diseases please message me with any thoughts. Thank you all so much! I am a retired nurse who was on disability for many years.

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  • Hi Rosie, I also have RA who got Lupus & Fibromyalgia & Sjogrens added on years after my RA returned. (I had remission from JRA for almost 9 years). I have tried many meds in the last 32 years & finally found what works for me. I take prednisone, plaquenil, arava, and methotrexate. Oh, and folic acid, calcium, fosamax and pilocarpine. I take other meds for other issues too.

    I hope that eventually you find what works for you too.

  • Thank you so much. As you know it is no easy task.

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