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Hello !!

Hello I was diagnosed with RA about 4 years ago after I had my daughter ,, I'm now 41 she's nearly 5 ,, I take methotrexate, plaquenil, iron, multivitamins and extra vitamin d,, got quite bad during winter but still bearable ,, now it's nice and warm most days here in TX,, and I do workouts two times a day ,, I find that helps and also work in a hotel as housekeeper... I am not going to sit around and let this get the better of me !! I don't think I'm affected as badly as some but exercise ( swimming especially) is good and if you can still manage it ,,, walk a lot !!!! 

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I was doing Hot Yoga for a few months and felt that that really helped with easing the joint pain


My ability to participate in the activities that I love has dwindled somewhat--no more overhand serves in volleyball.....  I have had to adjust my exercise habits to accommodate my RA body.  I am able to walk and do the yardwork, but I do wish I had a swimming pool in my back yard--and a pool boy to keep it up for me!

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Very encouraging message, Slade101.  Thanks.


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