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I am recently suffering from my worse flare yet. Cant sleep because wrists are so inflamed. I get up and try and walk around a bit and stretch but now I feel like I am walking on golf balls. I am trying SO hard not too feel sorry for myself but am losing that battle tonight. I recently retired and want to go out and enjoy this phase with my husband in our new town (we just moved to southern Utah). You know most days I have the old "there are a lot worse things in life" attitude. But at the same time - This is my bad thing. I have had neurological migraines and vertigo most of my life so I thought I had a pretty stiff upper lip. But now I'm am questioning my ability to avoid serving whine with my cheese. Please tell me everyone goes through this?

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  • It might take you a while to get used to the "seasons" in Utah. I thought by moving to Arizona that all my problem aches would be solved. Not so much but still better than before. My wrist do the same thing before a front comes through. I am pretty much a walking barometer. Sometimes you need to lose the battle but never the war. They gave me Ambien to try and get at least 4 hours of REM sleep without it.... I am like you and the old Hank Williams song.... Walking the Floors. I have a hard time feeling sorry for myself too, but am learning the hard way that it is part of self-care. We all have earned the right to do that for a day or so, but unlike others we HAVE to bounce back or the disease will take an even bigger toll. I hope that your doctors have given you something for pain relief besides steroids... those are evil... and can cause more side effects and pain in the long run. Don't let the disease define you.... you define the disease. Good luck

  • Thank you for responding. It's nice to hear that I'm the the only one. My husband and daughter are very patient. But his kids and my friends have the "buck up" attitude. As you say there is a time for both - rest and moving.

    My original doctor game me tramadol but it doesn't do anything really. If I take two it really brings on a dizzy spell. I have started getting up and slowly moving my joints rather than trying to assume I can move as quickly as I used to. There is only one rheumatologist is all of southern Utah so I am going to see a doctor in Vegas next week. I think I will ask him about something to help me sleep!



  • Yes we all do! How does ice work for you? I know that helps a lot with pain medication when I just can't stand it anymore. Just remember it will ease. I think we are way harder on ourselves than anyone else in our lives. Listen to your body and rest when you need to and be patient with yourself. Sending lots of positive energy your way.

  • Thank you! I am actually rotating an icepack from my elbows to my knees as we speak.

    Take care.


  • Try wearing carpal tunnel wrist guards when you sleep. I do on my left and it helps. I only wear one on my left hand because I had carpal tunnel surgery on right one back in 2001. I am in a flare for last 2 weeks, lots of stress, waiting for my Orencia to kick in, on Prednisone for who knows how long along with Plaquenil. I too get upset with pain and less able to do things. I am only 50, just diagnosed in February. Will keep you in my prayers!

  • I actually bought a wrist splint and it does help when it's on but then it hurts worse when I take it off so I stopped wearing it.

    I know what you mean. I'm 56 and feel much older. I just told my husband "you didn't sign up for this"

    I'm on humira. My rheumatologist was giving me steroid shots when I need them but I haven't been able to see him with the move. Thank goodness I have an appt with the new one tomorrow. Do you like orencia?

    Prayers returned to you! This too shall pass, yeah!

  • Thats a bummer it hurts more after removal. Don't know why that would be 🤔

    Orencia has not helped yet. Im in a flare up so who knows what will help. I really dont want to be on Prednisone for long- it messes up your gut that i have worked so hard to get healthy (have you researched leaky gut?)

    Are you taking any supplements? Krill oil is good as is probiotics and turmeric. Just keep fingers crossed that Humira will work.

    G🍀🍀D Luck at new doctor.

  • I have a plug in heating pad that I turn on at nite and just rotate it around when pain wakes me up. It is one made for upper back. I wrap it on knee or put my hand in it, wrapt wrist, and put it on my neck upper back. It really helps me. I have involvement in all my joints and muscle pain throughout. I wake up every time I roll over or change position at nite. I've just gotten used to it. I've just retired too and am going into my second year of RA. This stinks but I just figure life could be way worse. Have a friend just diagnosed with ALS......

  • You are right and I try to remember that. I do on most days. I am so sorry for your friend!'

    I did go out and invest in a heating pad and before I went to bed I just rotated it from one joint to the next. It timed off about ten times. Haha.

    Thanks for the encouraging words. It helps.

  • Hang in there!! I just hang on for the "better" days and enjoy those.

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