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Stomach pain/crohns

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I’m having a problem with upstream small bowel dilatition causing severe hold up, I have stomach aches with little appetite but when I need to open my bowels or if I have wind I get the most excruciating cramping burning pain They are a 11/10 pain, sharp and uncontrollable. I sometimes darent move for setting it off. They only stop if I do manage to pass a poo or wind mostly due to overflow and then I am in uncontrollable pain in that area for a few hours screaming and crying I also get lightheaded and sweaty my body over heats and then I get freezing cold ( perhaps a reaction to the pain) which also lasts a few hours. I’ve just come off steroids and prob need to go back on them which I don’t want as they are just masking the problem but I wonder if anyone has found any way of dealing with something similar. ?!? I’m already on methadone 30mg tablets for pain, gabapentin paracetamol 5mg prednisolone maintenance dose, and Ustekinumab nothing is helping any advice would be great!

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I had something similar, although not as bad, the Consultant had a CT scan with Contrast Dye done, to see how bad the area was? any severe narrowing and or twisting in the area. There was some narrowing, so ended up with a more pureed diet..

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