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Flared up again

Hi flared up again, I've been trying control myself. I'm on Asathyprin, but it hasn't stopped me having a flare up, I am on a hi dose of steroids, but it still seems to be getting worse. I'm bleeding and have really bad back ache. When I saw the specialist earlier in the summer, he said I would have to go onto injections if the asathyprin doesn't work, just a little worried, has anyone else got experience of these injections and what are the side effects?

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Are the injections Humira, do you know


I'm not sure, he mentioned I may to injection, it was a while ago.


hi, tha class of 'biologics' are given either by injrction (approx 1 every 2 weeks) or infusion (8-12 weeks) like azathioprine you will need regular blood tests as these meds work on your immune system. the 2 main ones used are humira and infliximab. this link should help explain x


I had a very similar experience, and I was really afraid to start injections. It just seemed so scary. However, my flares eventually became so intense I became almost desperate for relief. I’ve been on injections for nearly a year now and I’m happy to say they’ve helped me immensely. I have way more good days than bad :)

Injections aren’t the answer for everyone, but they sure have helped me a whole lot!


Hi it is probably Humira if it’s injections. I’ve been on Humira for 9 months. It is scary the first time you inject because you don’t know what might happen in the long term. On the down side it gave me vertigo which I now take medication for!!! This medication not only treats the vertigo but helps with nausea and anxiety so it’s kind of a good thing depending on how you look at it!!! But on the plus side I believe Humira has helped me because abcesses are a problem with me and my Crohn’s and touch wood I haven’t had any since taking the Humira 😁


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