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UC and dieting


I have UC that was diagnosed about 6 years ago. I've been on 1g mesalazine for most of the last year and have been off it again for a month or two. I weigh 10 stone 3lbs and I want to lose weight so that I'm 9 stone. My ideal weight for my height is between 7.5 and 10 stone so would like to be more in the middle so that I have a 'buffer' either side.

I've been doing the NHS 12 week diet plan for one week now. I'm eating plenty but I was a bit poorly last week with tummy trouble and I've been feeling feint quite a bit. I don't know if the feeling feint is to do with the IBD or diet. Any thoughts?

Also, any tips on safely losing weight with IBD without triggering a relapse?


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to be honest having the few extra pounds is good so you do have a flare up u have a little extra weight to help with overall loss. however if you are set on losing weight just cut down on fats and carbs. any extreme changes can cause a flare up, and different diets work differently for people. I found that doing yoga helps as it tones you up, making you look slimmer without having to lose weight.

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Okay, thank you, I'm taking it pretty steady and not going hungry, but I was surprised by the feeling feint (and that was before I started the diet really). Cream seems to be having an effect at the moment too (although milk, butter etc are okay).

There is a chance that if I have a flare up, I might have steriods, which is why I'd like the buffer either side so I can gain or lose a stone and still be a healthy weight (although getting well will obviously take priority).

Fingers crossed, my UC has been relatively mild compared to what other suffer... just hope it stays that way....

I like Yoga, good idea :-)


I understand totally with the dreaded steroids. Interesting about cream, I cant tolerate it either,, or anything with high fat content. again butter ok, but I spose its because its spread thin its ok - I dont fancy eating a block to find out tho! I think faintness and fatigue is just another bit of baggage that comes with IBD im afraid, though it may be worth getting GP to do bloods for iron studies, so all possible anaemias can be ruled out. I think anaemias tend to be more Crohnie related as iron is not absorbed in large bowel where UC is. But I never rule anything out x


Oh that's interesting, I have been very tired recently. I'd dread the idea of taking iron tablets with IBD, they can bung you up a bit.

Had a hot choc (treat from Starbucks today) and that made me feel a bit out of sorts *sighs*, but wasn't ill at least.

I think I might have to go to the docs soon, to find out why I'm so tired/feeling feint and why I can't eat cream. Can't do large meals either.... could be worse though, so I count my blessings...... x


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