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I've already blogged this bit (and sorry for long windedness) but.....

Tues 9th April I set out to do b210k w2r1. After a while I realised never mind computer - iPod said NO. I decided to keep going to find out which run I was actually doing (don't take my reading glasses with me so once I'm out I'm at the mercy of my ipod) and eventually found out I'd just graduated as I'd done w6r3! Anyway a couple of days later I went down with a bad chest infection which has kept me off work fo rthe first half of this week.

New bit

I have kept the 5x50 challenge going at a low activity level to allow for the infection and last night did I a long, steady walk. This afternoon I decided to go out for a steady run just to see how I went (forgetting that I felt 'normal' as I'd just taken medication!) Well, did a 95% new route, very steadily, or so it felt, as I didn't really get out of breath at all until the end when I was spending the best part of a mile steadily going up. Had to stop and walk about 13mins from home.

Reason for the blog is my stats over the two runs as they were over completely different routes with no time checks taken by me this afternoon, so I was not making comparisons. These are just as they appeared when I went into Nike+.

9th April, evening - time 1hr 18mins 17 secs. Distance 12.29km. Calories 725

19th April afternoon - time 1hr 18mins 55secs. Distance 12.10km. Calories 713

How about that for consistency? Just need to speed up now to get 10k in an hour.

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I'm glad you're feeling better now. And what consistency! That's great :)


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