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Pain in back of knees

Hi all

I have just completed week 3 run 2 and for the last week or so I have been experiencing awful pains behind my knees when I squat, kneel, bend my leg underneath myself when I try to sit down. It's a really sharp shooting pain behind my knees and I couldn't even lower myself into the bath just now.

This is the first exercise I have ever really enjoyed and I don't want to have to give it up. Any tips or ideas??

I am overweight and I know that probably doesn't help.....



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Get thyself to the doctor's, pronto. Don't like the sound of that.


Lauren, I had pain behind my knees as well, plus a feeling like they could buckle beneath me at times. I had pain, but not sharp shooting pain. It could just be weak muscles/joints or it could be something serious. If you just ran, I would give it a day to see if the pain eases up. If you continue with sharp pain, a visit to a professional may be in order. I wear a light support on my knee when I run and it seems to really help stabilize it. Good luck and let us know what you find out. Gayle


Thanks guys

Whilst walking and running its totally fine just literally in any of the positions like I said I'm my earlier post... I think it might be time to talk to a physio..... I so don't want to have to give this up though .


Laucor - dont be disheartened!! but probably best you get it checked out. best safe than sorry. it could be that they "simply" recommend some exercises to help, and you take it a bit slower in the running?

best wishes and let us know

ali :-)


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