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Using a Garmin forerunner 10

I have just received mine in the post but despite reading the guide to the buttons I am still not sure about some things:

1) does it switch off automatically or do you press the button that you use to switch it on with?

2) How long does it take to charge up before using it the first time?

3) How do you switch from running to intervals for examole?

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1) When you've finished a run you stop it recording, but you don't need to switch it off at all. The display shows the time and time when you're not using it to record your run. The battery last for days (?weeks) in this mode.

2) Sorry don't remember, but I read somewhere that you need to make sure your computer is actually running/fully on, and not in 'sleep' mode.

3) Press the lower right button to highlight 'run options', then press the top right button to scroll through the options, eg run/walk, virtual pacer, laps... Use the top right button to select which ever option you wish.


Oops, meant the display shows the time and DATE when you're not using it


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