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January Sales. Seen any bargains?

Hello, so the sales are upon us. I've been eyeing up some new trail shoes for when I can eventually begin running again

The chain reaction cycles website seems to have a lot of bargains with 30% off lots of stuff. Has anyone seen any other bargains out there?$ja=kw:chainreaction|cgn:chainreaction|cgid:3665588476|tsid:40896|cn:Chain+Reaction-UK-BG-Exa-Eng-DT-SE|cid:207166036|lid:1330116575|mt:Exact|nw:search|crid:17983879756&gclid=CMCZ3628urQCFSTLtAodH0sAlA

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Actually I've just come across these trail shoes. They have really good reviews and are a bargain for 50 quid! Cheaper than chainreaction. I've just ordered them in blue as a present for when I recover from injury!


The Sweatshop has an extra 10% off for anyone with a ParkRun barcode.

New shoes time!


Sports direct have some bargains, I got some running tights for £3- 90% off! I suspect they won't be great quality but at the rate I'm shrinking (thank you C25K!) I don't want to fork out too much until I'm sure what I'll need.


I'm with Greg and getting some gear from sweatshop with the parkrun extra discount!


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