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Who in their right mind starts a running programme in December?

I've tried to 'become a runner' many times and to some degree I've always suceeded. For a while. Then the enibitable cold weather, dodgy knee or one to many party invites send me flying off track and the thought of all the ground I've lost sends me screaming for the hills (not running there mind you).

But, as with every other time, this time will be different. Well slightly. I'm going to blog this one as I've heard it keeps you motivated and accountable but in a less scary way than actually telling someone in the real world what I'm up to.

So heres to optimisim, to progress and to just getting out there and running.

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Hi ty, as far as stop start running is concerned, you are hardly alone.

This is the second time around for me. I started the plan in Feb 2011

originally and i managed a couple of half marathons but mainly by

walking! It helps to have a target to work towards of course. For me

its a 5 miler on new years eve, good for motivation. Good luck

Ed x


I was far more likely to start in the winter. The thought of running in the British humidity of summer is frightening. I produce enough of my own heat when I'm running, without the aid of hot damp air. I hope that I'll be fit enough by next summer for the humidity to seem manageable. A friend of mine moved to Singapore and started running marathons; that makes running in December seem perfectly logical!


Marathons in Singapore? Blimey sweaty much? :-)


Übersweaty! x


When the New Year comes around and you see all the people determined to get in shape you can run past them and feel smug, because you've started early!! Good luck :)


Yes very true. When the summer arrives you will feel

comfortable running and can enter organised events

with aplomb :-)


Thanks guys, got a little thrown off my game this morning as it looks like I'll be in work REALLY late but a little lunchtime blog motivation and you guys have me determined to make sure I get it done whatever time I get home :) x


I did lol. I started Thursday 29th December 2011 and completed the programe 9 and a bit weeks later. I never missed a week, I can't believe I'm coming up to my 12 month anniversary and now regularly run a total of at least 12 miles a week (over 3 runs). I was the original "can't run., don't run, won't run person, honestly I really was. Best thing I've done this programme :-)


If it makes you feel any better about starting in December, I started in January this year (after a 44 year break from running; last ran at school) and graduated in March on my 62nd birthday. And I'm still running now!


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