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Week 8: Run 1...Rebooted

Yay. After some extra stretching, lots of water, my usual 10min warm up walk and a good old fashioned pep talk (out loud to myself not looking like a crazy person or anything :/) I completed the first run of week 8 :) all 28mins and no shin pain :). Run 2 will have to wait a couple of days because the temp is 40 degrees right now!!! sheesh. My kingdom for some cold weather!

Thanks for the support and advice!

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Hi Lifewithoutthecouch :-) - a 10 min warm up walk??? Now why didn't I think of that? The pep shouting (me) is something I do well :-) BUT a good 10 minute walk - you can really loosen out in that way.

What the hell does it matter what you look like - if someone can hear you it's probably because they're doing the same thing as you and therefore knows what it's like :-). Anyone else will be going by too fast to hear you or see you and therefore not getting the exercise, unless they're runners on something illegal :-) LOL!!! Soooooooo I think I like the picture I get when I think of you pepping yourself up as well as managing to run without exacerbating those shin pains - GOOD ON YA :-).

Are you in Oz??? Used to live there and I really can't imagine running in that heat :-(... Living in Austria now and gearing up for snow running, or cool runnings as I like to think of it :-).

Anyway, I think I might follow in your footsteps and extend that warm up walk. I love walking and we have some love scenery in which to do it so THANK YOU LWC, Sara :-)


Hi Sara :) I definitely recommend the extra minutes walking- they make a lot of difference for me! Yes I am in South Australia and it is soooo hot at the moment :( I make sure that I run once the sun is down now, that way I am just a crazy pep talking lady in the dark lol.

Thanks for the encouragement! :)


Nicely done, Life!! I am so glad that you were able to make a go of it without the shin pains!! It sounds like the extra stretching, extra water and extra warm-up may be just what the doctor ordered!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks for your encouragement Steve! Yes- lesson learned I will stick to the routine from now on!


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