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4 more runs!

Week 8 run 2 tonight. I was dreading it after a horrible run on Sunday in the wind and rain. 28 mins long - it was the last thing I wanted to do after a hard day at work - but my boyfriend persuaded me to get out there. It was tough and my shoelace came undone midway but I kept going for 28 minutes AND carried on for another 2 mins!!!! (Thank you Tiddlywink for the suggestion!). So I have already reached the target of 30 mins!!!! Thanks to everyone for all their fantastic support and advice. Now I know I can do it! Only 4 more runs to go until I graduate!! Bring it on!

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Woooohoooo - you're there! Those 4 runs are only 8 days away - just over a week and then you've graduated and then onwards to whatever you want. Sounds like your boyfriend is a great motivator. Looking forward to reading that you've graduated - and I love your name!


Thanks Viv!! I can't believe the finishing line is so close. My boyfriend is very supportive and I always send a running update text to my brother after every run. He recently completed a Tough Mudder - my sights are set slightly lower than that! Just to complete 5k would be a massive achievement for me, so that's my next goal. And after that, who knows!


Superbly done, Esprit!! You even knocked out the extra couple of minutes that most of us have to save until W9!! What an over-achiever!! :-)

Enjoy your last four runs of the program and look forward to that wonderful little "Graduate" badge!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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