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Update on sore knees

Well found exercises on here ( sorry cant remember who posted)

For strengthening knees. I did them last night, took ibuprofen and went to bed. Used a towel for behind knees and in between knees when I lay on my side. Upshot is my knees felt much better this morning. I did the exercises again before work and fingers crossed I may be able to go out tomorrow. Thanks for all your support I really do appreciate it. :-)

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I'm not doctor...nor do I play one on TV....but I had runner's knee at around W7 and it required a full 10 days REST to be able to run again. Don't be too anxious to get on the road again...remember, this is for the rest of your life, right? One week won't hurt your fitness level, and it will help your knees.....



Thanks. Won't run if in any doubt . Couldn't go through this pain again. X


I've been out 3 weeks with my knee, and have no intention of restarting running until it is fully healed. If you do restart, then you will further aggravate the injury and be out for a very long time. Grammadog1947 is quite right! Oh, and I am a retired Practice Nurse.

Hope you rest now and heed the injury. Do the exercises-but no more runs :-)

Normally I sign off with keep on Running, in your case it is Keep off Running :-)

Colette x


Thanks Colette had all ready decided not starting again till

All pain is gone . Thanks again.x


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